New Plug-In Shows Best Folk to Follow on Twitter


Klout LogoWe are all busy right? Firefox knows that and have authored a new plug in for Twitter. Once downloaded it shows the Klout score of the people on there.

This will enable you in more cases to make a fast following decision.

In the last few days Klout has been incredibly active with @maryregan guesting on several Twitter chats, the new +K recommendation tool being rolled out, a LinkedIn hook up, the ability to make lists and more.

Klout perks are also being extended even though still only stateside. Are you listening Joe Fernandez?? Free Starbucks for scores over 80 in Australia?? Maybe one day

I love Klout because it encourages us to connect more, define and refine who we are and whether we have our social media ducks in a row and to extend ourselves generally. The +K recommendations have been a revelation and have encouraged mutual praise and networking which can only be good. The Mayans prophesised that between 1999 and 2011 we would connect and set the stage for the spreading of wisdom and consciousness. Thank you Klout, Mozilla and Twitter for combing and for playing a big part in the deepening of the connection process.

Let us all know below what you’d like a +K for and you never know your luck!

What other collaborations can you envisage

Lets get together and feel allright


Oh and here it is..

What Do People Say About You? Can They Recommend You??


RecommendI had a fairly freaky experience during the week and it made me really remember what I have been lacking.
Why no one can tell me (or more importantly other people) what I do. What value I have.

This is especially important in the realm of social media as we all have a lot of connections and we also have a lot of power to easily recommend them. IF we know what they do.

During his Wealth Dynamics Experience Weekend Roger Hamilton speaks a lot about Station Names.
Everyone round the world is buzzing about on their own train and occassionally visiting stations.

You need a name or no one will visit.
Once you get them there you have to
-Give them value
so they will;
1. Stay for a while
2. Come back
3. Recommend you to people

You have to make this easy for them to do.

I am a star with dynamic energy. Useless for finsishing things but good with networking. Like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. Stars more than other profiles must control what people say about them.

My freaky experience relates to 2 separate but consecutive discussions with business colleagues.I asked them who introduced them to our business. They both answered quickly and surely.
Oh “Jonathan the Real Tech Guy. You know him right?”

I do.
Many people know Jonathan.
He has created a fantastic business in 9 months with zero capital. He started a worldwide Real Estate Agents referral network through a Facebook group. His group now has over 30,000 members from over 80 different countries. He gets a small cut if they successfully refer.

A lot of that had to do with his personal branding. The “Real Tech Guy”
Real is for real estate. It also infers genuineness
Tech is not usually associated with real estate so this stands out.
It infers internet, technology, modern. Savvy.

These 2 words are easy to remember and repeat. Jonathan is controlling completely what is said about him and in a strong and memorable way. Brilliant
I hardly know Jonathan but I know what he does and can tell people that.

So who are you?
How do I describe you to a mutual acquaintance or to someone who does not know you?

I am Michael from Tokyo and am into Twitter and the Environment.
I see this as meaning I am an environmentalist, use and know the internet, have a big network and am internationally minded (Living in Tokyo).

I believe the internet will save the planet by spreading and enhancing consciousness , breaking down national borders and conflicting interests and bring economic parity.

I am into that.

I am focused on mastering the tools of the internet in order to promote the cause of a sustainable economy governed by a single responsible body representative of all peoples.

I offer value as a teacher about using the internet, as a partner and am living my dream of saving the planet with total passion and purpose

Have you thought much about what people say about you??

11 Success Tips for Empire Avenue


I am loving Empire Avenue and meeting great people and learning so much every day.

I firmly believe that my understanding of Social Media has tripled since I joined and today I even made my own .com blog. Awesome!

So here are some tips after you have joined at

  1. Do not go too wide too fast. Comment on blogs and YouTube channels etc of top engagers in your index. Choose WHO you want to network with in your niche.
  2. Endorse blogs and feeds especially when you see that people need their 5 done.
  3. Be FUN if and when possible. It’s a party!
  4. Do not worry too much about your share price but DO focus on getting 5 good scores. Your top 5 count. Eg Blog, Flickr, EA, FB, Twitter etc.
  5. Always keep at least 5,000 eaves so that if you see a recommendation you can quickly invest.
  6. Read Making Friends and Influencing People by Dale Carnegie. Dale was born for Empire Avenue.
  7. Get into Tumblr.
  8. Take relationships to Twitter and RT people in your niche who buy a lot of shares in you. Comment on their blogs too.
  9. Be fun (a further reminder). People come here for fun.
  10. Rule 10.There are no rules. Simply soak up as much advice as you can from successful people. Ask questions publicly and apply your own style.
  11. Oh OK, Make a Twitter list of your shareholders and engage with them there. As always Twitter is the glue.

Join here and get 2,000 extra eaves to play with. Enjoy!

Any questions??


There are only 6 types of Tweet. Simple right?


Again and again people I meet in real life or on Facebook tell me that they do not “get” Twitter.

Twitter is very simple!

It is essentially about 6 kinds of messages (called tweets).

1. Conversation (like text messages) You can all do this right??!!

2. Simply posting links
For example: Posting links to good info or maybe posting a quote you like. The aim of these is to get them shared by others (see No 4) Anything goes!For example “The 6 main types of tweet by @mqtodd

3. Expressing opinions or thoughts or simply what you are doing or a combination of 2 or 3 of these things.
For example “It’s a beautiful day in #Tokyo. Hope we get a good crowd for the @TokyoGarden Party at the @PinkCow tonight” or
“Time for Japanese to follow the lead of Germany (in embracing non nuclear energy alternatives)”.
These kind of tweets will often get your Twitter followers to comment and conversation will ensue that will often drag in others.

4. Sharing good tweets from others. (“Retweets” or “RTs”)
For example ” RT @ramikantari Signs Of Twimg, #Twitter’s Photo Hosting, In The Wild by @sbhsbh RT @mqtodd @silverstar22b” So someone called @sbhsbh wrote this. @silverstar22b saw it and shared it and so did I and @ramikantari then saw my tweet and shared it too. So the orginal content by @sbhsbh went to potentially hundreds of thousands of people.

5. Connect and promote. Tweets designed to connect or promote other people.
For example Key SM networkers in Asia > @kzamri @dryorikotodd @i4harold @NealSchaffer @vanwouw @AskAaronLee @MerrinPearse @JayOatway
So here I have connected Kaz, Yoriko, Harold, Neal, Neil, Aaron, Merrin and Jay with each other plus also recommended them to all my followers. And all their followers will also see the tweet. Can you see the power of doing this in public rather than doing it just in private??

6. Thank! The power of gratitude.
If somebody shares your tweet or connects or promotes you or adds you to a list of their favourite followers then thank them. This seems absolutely basic by only around 1% of people do it. The ones that do are invariably the ones who succeed the most. Dale Carnegie would have loved Twitter.

So this is pretty much what Twitter is so just keep a balance of these 5 different kinds of tweets.

Firstly decide 3 main things that your account is about. You can easily see that mine is about Japan, the Environment and Twitter/Social Media. Talk mainly about these things and people will then go to you for info and/or recommend you to others.

At the start do 40 % of Number 4 as that will make you known to the key people in your niche and gain their engagement with you.

Do 10- 15% of each of the other 5 kind of tweets and you will soon see your account blossom.

Follow aggressively (it is not like friending people just simply indicating you are interested in what they say).

Unlike Facebook where things are extremely formulaic Twitter has NO rules. What I have said are basic guidelines you may choose to use to get started with. Many have succeeded by doing things a completely different way and solely post links or solely converse or solely offer opinions!

3 more slightly high level things that are not absolutely necessary but if implemented will make a massive difference for you.

1. Study what #hashtags are ( I have made a You Tube video about this). They link conversations and links about a particlar subject together and enable search and branding.You can see that in Number 3 and 4 above I have hashtagged #Tokyo and #Twitter.This makes me stand out as being interested in these topics and gets my tweets searched for by people wanting info about these things.

2. Build lists of your favourite tweeters on your different favourite topics.You can make 20 lists and have 500 people on each list. Why wouldn’t you?? Even non twitter users can then go to that list as a constantly updating source of fantastic information. For example I love my list for the very best in tech news
3. Use people’s twitter names when mentioning them.Then they will see your tweet and your followers will be able to connect with them readily too. For example in Number 2 above I used @TokyoGarden and @PinkCow rather than for example their real names Tokyo Garden Party and The Pink Cow. Twitter language I guess.

Twitter is not so hard right?? It is an amazing community and we welcome everyone warmly.

Be fun, have fun, be giving and receive. It’s a party!

Thats about it! Any questions???

Anything to add by way of advice for newbies that I have overlooked?

Twitter is at least 10 times as powerful as Facebook for meeting great new people, finding relevant real time information and spreading messages. Just do it!


How to Get Cheap Targeted Traffic Retweeting


As an Internet marketer, targeted traffic is key to my success. How one gets traffic to his web page does matter. It’s one thing to get a good product to sell and it’s another thing to be able to drive traffic to the product sale page. However, driving traffic to the page is not really the case. How relevant the traffic is to the product is what makes the difference. A used car seller evidently is not very interested in visitors looking computer accessories as these people will soon close the site and move to the next.

Targeted Traffic Retweeting

As there are many paid and free traffic services online today, I personally use Twitter’s Retweeting feature. This is an excellent feature that enables me take my affiliate links to the profiles of other Twitter users in exchange for something. One particular thing I like about retweeting is that it does not depend on the number of followers I have to function. Even with zero followers, you can still retweet.

Retweeting on Twitter and Twitter Applications

Many Twitter applications make it possible to retweet. Some are specifically designed to retweet. What happens is that you set your message and others retweet to their profile in exchange of some payments. This is particularly interesting as with a little or no fee, your can set your message and watch it pushed to the profiles of others. This is basically a great way to get cheap targeted traffic.

What to Retweet

There is no limit as to what kind of information can be retweeted. You should only be careful not to cast your followers away by retweeting irritating materials. On the other hand, you can set your message including your affiliate links, blog post, web page, YouTube videos links, etc

Retweeting as the main source of traffic

This is like using Twitter as the main traffic source. Yes, this can produce desired results. For a couple of weeks now, I have been using this as the main source of cheap targeted traffic and the results have been encouraging. The key advantage here is that you don’t have to do any SEO hard work or write some long articles. All you need is the appropriate retweeting Twitter applications. What I do is grab my affiliate links, shorten it using and post them to my retweeting applications. I also write friendly messages to encourage members to retweet. If you sound like a robot, you will not get good results.

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Twitter Profits For You In 7 Easy Steps


witter has been with us for five or six years, and almost everyone knows about it. Is it time for you to start using it? Well, as you know, Twitter is a micro blogging platform, a very successful popular social media community online. It is an information portal too, where you can frequently be in contact with friends and family. Twitter then, gives you the chance to even create profits by joining other people with whom you are very interested to join venture with. So now, let us concentrate on the 7 easy steps to achieve Twitter profits.

It is much better if you already have a squeeze page set up or a website so that your growing base of followers, have a place to go, to get your free offers of information that they are after.

So the first step is, after you create your profile, since Twitter is very much liked for its simplicity, is to quickly make posts of 140 characters updates and snippets, instead of lengthy and detailed profiles in your blogs and updates on your account. This way, you are free to dedicate plenty of time to running your business and, at the same time, taking advantage of Twitter’s global outreach.

Start gathering following by using existing contacts first or join Twitter’s based community directory sites and looking for new contacts simply by following people already in your community or market niche you are in. This will allow you to create some or many campaigns with Twitter that will make a huge difference to your business.

It is with your profile in Twitter, that your followers will get to know more about you and what you do and have to offer. Like everything else in this platform, it has to be a short bio, your URL and contact information.

You concentrate at this stage in offering quality, good information and free goodies of value to establish your presence within your market in the Twitter platform. A good idea is to design a squeeze page just for those that follow you in this medium. You can then personalize their experience and connect with them more directly.

And this takes us to the second step which is to create a newsletter, or report that you can offer to those that come to your landing page. You could offer it to them at set intervals, weekly for example. You can even give them a full report about the niche you are in, but remember that Twitter is a social media environment, and that, therefore, you must refrain from openly market to your followers or they will not look to that practice kindly. Wait till you are well established and trusted by your followers before, very gently lead them to your services or products.

If you give a lot to them, often, your value in your community of followers, will be very welcome and they will be glad to follow you. Your following will grow exponentially when they perceive so much value.

Consider also, if you are able to create good content, to compile special training and information about your niche, that you can pass on to your followers, so they can benefit from your efforts. This way, you will, over time, gain lots of customers.

Many of these customers will take notice of your link in your Twitter profile, to your website or blog, giving you the chance then, to openly market to them for your products and services or even for your affiliate links.

Remember that Twitter is primarily a social network where the community that uses it, does so for the purpose of learning more about others and to share their passions, interests, thoughts and everyday activities. These groups of people do not want to be marketed to, so they are not there to buy products and services.

Which takes us to step three and your interest in building relationships with your followers and subscribers. The way to do this is to offer value to them consistently. Focus on them and connect with them to establish trust and although this takes time and patience, in the end you will be reworded for this practice.

It is in your interests to keep providing value to your visitors so that they will trust and value your offers and later opt in to your list of subscribers.

And these bring us to step four which is to concentrate in the value that you provide to your subscribers. Connect with them at a personal level. Don’t think that it is enough to have just names in your list; you need to build a good rapport with the people in your list for their trust in you to grow.

You do not want to start bombarding them with special offers, sales letters etc. until you have a real footing in their relationship with you. Be in touch with your efforts to help them. And even if this takes a bit of time to accomplish, in the end you’ll be rewarded for your patience and persistence.

Step five: make a direct link to your squeeze page right on your Twitter profile account, when you have established a following. You then begin posting information, updates to direct traffic to your site.

Have an opt in form to appear in every page of your site, as well as considering to download WordPress to create a niche oriented blog. This is really simple to create and you can schedule content to auto post on a regular basis, thus freeing up your time and resources.

Remember to allow an opt in box to appear on the side template of your WordPress blog, so that is visible on every page.

Step six: Get active in the Twitter communities arena, such as and others. We Follow is a full featured Twitter directory, to where you can quickly add your Twitter account information to the directory, as well as categorize your focus, so that your Twitter account is placed within a specific area of the site in your niche. This will allow people to find you easily and will begin following your tweets.

There are other popular Twitter directories like and

Step seven: Automate your list building method with Twitter, by using the services of You then, can send automatic direct messages to those who begin to follow your updates. And include a direct link to your website, blog or better still, to your squeeze page where you offer each Twitter user a free incentive, such as an e-book, article content, guide or report on your niche market.

Try to offer your followers something original, even if it’s a short report or mini-product, the more exclusive it is to your list, the more likely that your visitors will subscribe to your newsletter

By posting useful and entertaining tweets you get to build a more successful business with Twitter. This shows that you are focusing on spending your time wisely and making every tweet count towards helping you further your brand.

Those followers that you manage to send to your blog or to your website, and if you have done a good job at developing relationships with them, can quite easily subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your products.

So focus more on giving, than receiving and you will quickly discover how effective Twitter is in helping you further your brand and building your online business. Also by providing help and answering your followers’ questions and offering tips and advice on what they ask you, establishes you as a credible source for information within your niche market.

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Social Marketing Media Tactics For the Social Introvert


Social marketing seems on the surface to be the most unlikely development of the past 20 years. In fact, it’s a marketing phenomenon that I would have found hard to predict in any era. The idea of bringing together large numbers of computer geeks in order to virtually socialize makes no sense at first blush. However, these days the term “geek” has become downright socially acceptable. Geeks are commonly thought of as that not-so-rare breed of highly developed technicians who are by nature prone to blurt randomly, snort when they laugh, suffer from occasional wind, and wax poetic about their Pez collections. How do I know this? Well… I married one. I also have a tad bit of that recessive Geek gene myself. (Don’t worry: I remanded the Pez collection in the divorce, and I take Beano as a matter of intelligent self-interest.) If you haven’t yet found social success online, there’s still hope for you yet. Here’s how you can successfully use social marketing media, even if you’re a bit of a social introvert.

The Internet itself was formed on just such a premise: the idea of uniting smart, quirky, typically introverted individuals through electronic means. The Internet morphed from the ARPANET of the mid-1960’s, an electronic hang-out where some of the geekiest members of society such as U.S. government employees and college professors could share research, compare topical news features, and (yes!) socialize. Fast forward to the present day, and even soft drink companies and pizza vendors are eschewing Super Bowl advertising in favor of spending the big bucks on Facebook. Madison Avenue is now putting hundreds of millions of dollars directly into social marketing. Who knew? The advent of social media puts pressure on the non-conformist to tow the social line and be counted in networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. This is not an easy place to be for those of us who didn’t go to the prom or even notice who was elected homecoming king and queen.

Even if you’re not a total geek, you may feel uncomfortable using social marketing media to put your point across in a business setting. If so, you’re not alone. Take heart, because I’m about to clue you in on a couple of very reassuring points for using social marketing media tactics, whether or not you are a social introvert.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received came to me when I was a shy 18-year-old, making ends meet as a shop girl in New York City. The advice was delivered like a paper doily over a glass of fine vintage wine I was too inexperienced to appreciate. The messenger was a wealthy middle-aged socialite from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, sharing her pointed wisdom with me like a stock tip while my college roommate, her daughter, flirted notoriously with the restaurant waiter, a Greek (the “R” is intentional) fresh off the boat with a thick head of hair, a handsome face, and a slight leer. I decided right then that you could get away with just about anything if you had good manners.

That was the first part of the message. The other part was what my roommate’s mother told me directly about socializing: in conversation, put the focus on the person you’re speaking with. Ask them about themselves, their education, their upbringing, their work, their family. Draw them out. Listen closely to what they’re telling you, and thoughtfully work to understand them. Don’t be a pest, mind you, but do express genuine interest in what makes them tick. If you can do this, not only will you have a very decent store of inside information, but you’ll also win the hearts and minds of raving fans. In short you’ll be a social success. More to the point, you won’t be focused on your boring Pez collection or your own feelings of social awkwardness. In fact thinking about yourself when presented with the astonishing array of details about society at large will appear all but silly by contrast. Get outside of yourself. Learn about others. Be of service.

So many people use social marketing as a platform for droning on about themselves, enumerating their accomplishments and trying to impress others in the hope of a sale or making the right connection. It’s a waste of time. Instead, deliver value to your network. Share your authentic self and the best of your knowledge. Share it like vintage wine, even if you think others are too inexperienced to appreciate it. If you do that, your social marketing will take on a delicate, luminous sheen and you will attract all the right people into your fold.

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How to Make a Video Response in YouTube


Making a video response for one of your own can be a great way to see some extra traffic coming off of the most popular videos onYouTube.

A good way to market your website on YouTube is to include a link to your website in the description and even put your website URL at the beginning and end of the video. This encourages your viewer to visit your website if they liked the content of your video.

A lot of people use video responses in YouTube to bring extra traffic to their own videos and consequently boost the traffic which comes back to their websites. This article will explain what a video response is and how to make a video response in YouTube. Note that in this article I’m going to be referring to “videos” as “clips”, as well.

The first thing to understand is what this term even means. You’ve likely seen these responses in the past when you are viewing other clips on YouTube. There is a section below the content which you are watching which oftentimes says responses if there are any responses to the one which you are watching.

When you’re watching a video you may see that response below it and that may motivate you to check out that video, as well, if it is related to the video with your watching.

Video responses are ways that someone can share the popularity and enjoy some of the runoff traffic of a very popular video in the same niche.

The actual purpose of the video response is just to create links to relevant videos on the same topic of interest, thus encouraging people to spend more time on YouTube.

Getting back to how to make a video response on YouTube, you first need to have a YouTube account. It is simple enough to sign up and it’s completely free. When you are logged into your YouTube account, go to the video which gets lots of traffic which you want to link to and go to the comments section and click on that box as if you are about to make a comment of your own.

You’ll see a link on the right which appears after you click this box which will say create a clip response. Click on this and you will have the option of either uploading a new clip or taking an existing clip which you already have upload it to your profile and using that. Simply choose the video that you want, and from then on your video will be listed as a video response for that first clip.

Something to keep in mind when doing this is that each of your videos can only be a video response to one other clip. This makes sense because otherwise people would abuse this feature and create responses to every video which gets over 1 million views. This constraint of only being able to create a response to one clip forces you to choose wisely to get the most relevant connection on the most popular video.

There are additional tips for getting additional traffic and views to your YouTube videos which you can check out by clicking on this link for how to create a video response in YouTube.

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Golden Rules for LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking website that focuses on business connections to help people “link up” with other people who can assist them with finding career opportunities. Growing your list of contacts is a quick and easy way to put your professional face on the Internet where literally millions of users can view your profile. Employers are even able to search LinkedIn for potential job applicants.

There are a few golden rules for creating and maintaining an effective LinkedIn account, but even if you are completely new to the social networking arena, you should be up and connecting in no time!

1. It is important that you know the people you attempt to connect to on LinkedIn, as if you are inviting people you don’t have a relationship with they can select the “I don’t know” button, which is a negative mark on you and if you receive five “I don’t know” replies your ability to invite other people to connect with you will be limited. Use the Search function to look for companies you have previously worked for and you will likely find some ex-colleagues to connect with.

2. Use your resume to help build your LinkedIn profile and don’t forget to list the schools you have attended. Check your spelling before you post though, as nothing looks less professional than misspellings in your “professional” profile and can cost you a shot at job you might be perfectly qualified for.

3. Add your picture, but make sure it’s not a snapshot of you at the beach or at a party. Try to use a photo in which you look like you are on your way to a job interview. Remember that this is a career-type website and think about how other people will view your invitation if you have an inappropriate picture posted! Nobody wants to be associated with a person who will make them look bad.

4. Before you post your profile on LinkedIn, complete it to the best of your ability. Complete profiles come up first when people search through them, so don’t waste time – get all the information you can onto your profile. Don’t forget to check your LinkedIn account every day after you’ve posted so you can keep track of happenings and stay in touch with your contacts.

5. LinkedIn is primarily for career searching and contacts, but you can still use it in a social way by using the Share an Update button to inform your contacts of what you’ve been up to. Remember though that this is a professional forum and not the spot for inappropriate jokes and such.

Using LinkedIn to help you find and land a job is just one way to utilize this beneficial website. Maintaining contact with previous colleagues, even if you are currently employed, is a great way to ensure you have a “link” to a new job in case you ever in the market again. Remember to follow the golden rules with your LinkedIn profile and you can’t go wrong!

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Social Media Marketing Tools


The 21st century has allowed us to use the latest technology in communicating with other people across the world.

Now, there are even tools that you can choose for marketing your business and connecting with your target customers. Social media marketing tools have gained popularity over the past few years because of their effectiveness, affordability and ease of use. You do not need much computer knowledge when using these sites because all you have to do is sign up for an account, prepare your submissions and you are all set for marketing yourself on the World Wide Web.

Submission of contents

Everybody can submit their own contents to different websites but you need to make sure that yours is original, interesting and relevant to whatever you are trying to promote. There are rules in almost everything but when it comes to submitting contents for your account, you need to make sure that what you do will be interesting to other people, unique in its own way and of course, non-commercial. Most beginners tend to make the mistake of submitting their site’s homepage or some of their product pages. These tactics never work and all you really need to do is make a content that will make an appeal to the people you are targeting.

Some contents that you may want to consider are

Guides and tutorials
Breaking news
Interesting stories

Every book is judged by its cover. You can make your website more interesting to other online users by making titles that are attention-catching and relevant to the content, and cite your sources if in any case you use one.

Package your content

The overall content of your website can be categorized into three: 30% on your content’s title, 30% on how you present it and the remaining 40% for the content that you want your followers to read. Nothing beats interesting and high quality content when it comes to gathering fans to gain popularity. As the account owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your page is accessible in all kinds of browsers and screen size. To catch your reader’s attention, you can always include fancy images when applicable. You can even make your submissions easier to read by breaking the content into sections using headers.

Social media tools exist to make business marketing a whole lot easier for us. The only thing left for you to do is to choose which one suits your business and goal, then work on your submission content.

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Taking Your Brand to Twitter and Facebook


Uniqueness is now vital to the success of your brand. With the sheer volume of people online, you have to make sure that when you’re marketing your product or service using social media that it is recognizable. A brand is much more than just the product itself, or the visuals you create to promote it.

Branding is a complex word for most online marketers. It’s an advertising/marketing term that’s been around for ages. However, regardless of what you’re selling, your branding is what’s going to separate you from everyone else – especially on Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s first talk about image. Assume that 25% of social media is all individuals who haven’t really done much with their Twitter profile or Facebook page. They really don’t need to. However, the other 75% are businesses – like you – that have an image and need to make sure their image is conveyed on the social networks as well. Image is a combination of how you look and what you say.

Inconsistency is the #1 enemy when marketing. To keep your brand alive on the social networks, you’ll want a customized Twitter background and/or a Facebook Custom Landing Page. It should have the same “look and feel” as all your other materials – your website, blog, any freebies, and products. The major benefit of having your own “look” is that both Twitter and Facebook are visual mediums. As such, what people see is all that separates you/your business from the rest of the sites out there. Thus, your look should be enticing, yet not overpowering, and appropriate for the nature of your business.

With social media, your goal is to build a relationship with your followers. For your text image, first make sure your web site address is visible within your profiles. Next, be sure to use only anchor text (keywords that have a link back to your web site) instead of blatant, outright links to your site. Finally, be sure your tweets and postings are genuine. Forget that you’re selling something (and I know you may think that defeats the purpose). Instead, offer tidbits of your knowledge on a daily basis. The more others see that you want to help, the more inclined they’ll be to come to you when they need it.

Something that many online marketers forget about when they expand their brand to social media is their website. Perhaps you’ve had it for years and it’s your typical HTML-based site. If this sounds like you, you need to upgrade now and get yourself a WordPress website. Why? A WordPress website gives the average person the option to have a professional look and feel for their site at a reasonable price that will help your website ranking, while simultaneously allowing you to be involved in your web site dynamics via blog postings and updating your content. You can read my blog post about benefits of WordPress.

With your website updated and your social media profiles in place, you’re ready to relaunch your product and service to the world with your newly branded look!

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The Power of Twitter As an Internet Marketing Tool


What’s so important about social networking that people are visiting sites by the millions every day? It all has to do with the personal interaction and interrelationships. Folks love technology, they love keeping busy and in touch with others, and these days they love a site called Twitter more than anything.

Twitter is one of the newest social networking sites to rear its head, and it’s certainly one of the most popular. The concept of the site is unique in that people can follow each other’s lives by way of instantly-updatable message. Everybody from celebrities to soccer moms tweet about their current actions, and for some odd reason people love reading about it.

It was only a matter of time before the marketers got a hold of Twitter and started using its immense power to drive traffic to sites. After all, any hugely popular site is a powerful marketing tool, and when a site is as powerful as Twitter, you can bet it’s a hot-bed of marketing activity.

In order to correctly use Twitter to market your business, you must first integrate into the Twitter community. What does this mean? Well, simply opening up an account and linking to your site is not going to do the trick. You’ll instantly be recognized as a spammer that’s if you’re recognized at all.

No, in order to infiltrate the ranks of Twitter, you basically have to enjoy the site for what it is and let it work its own brand of magic.

The first thing you can do is sign up to follow some of the most popular Twitter users. Their pages have thousands upon thousands of members whom, if they like what you’re tweeting about, will certainly have no problems adding you as a friend.

This puts you directly in the loop; and one of the best parts about Twitter: there’s no limit to just how many friends you can have and how many messages you can leave. You can tweet about anything and certainly be interactive in tweeting back and forth to some of your friends.

What’s the importance of playing along? Integrating in the Twitter community will give you a solid reputation. You’d be surprised at just how many average people have personal websites and blogs they’re linking through their tweets, so seeing a link from you to your business won’t stand out as spam to a community you’ve been friendly with.

After folks begin to visit your website, you’ll start to see not only increase revenue from the traffic, but the clicks will start to make your page rise in the search engine rankings. This means that folks outside of Twitter will also be able to find your site easier.

Twitter is most certainly a powerful website to use for Internet Marketing, but just remember to actually use the site and engage with people. Spammers will be ignored.

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How to Generate B2B Traffic on LinkedIn – 3 Tips


There are many online traffic generation methods available today. Depending on the type of business you are in and the type of website you have, different traffic generation methods apply. LinkedIn, which is a website that caters mostly to the B2B marketplace, traffic generation from within the website is as important as traffic coming from other sources.

LinkedIn has millions and millions of members who are searching, communicating, and conducting business 24 hours a day-7 days a week. With all of this activity happening, it is easy to get passed over by your competition or to be confused on just how to get the right prospects to your link.

Well, it’s only confusing when you don’t know how. Once you know a few good tips and methods, it becomes easier. You just have to be willing to do the work. If you’re willing to do the work then you will see much better results.

Don’t worry though, the work that is involved is not really difficult but can be tedious at best. As you get engaged in the work I’m about to describe, you must ask yourself; “How bad do I want new business?” Here are a few great traffic generating techniques;

1. Join groups and make comments

LinkedIn has thousands of groups to choose from. You should locate groups within your target market and apply to join. Some groups have a waiting period where they need to process your application but many will let you join instantly.

When you join these groups you should read the comments and discussions posted by other group members. You have your choice of responding to the various discussions or beginning your own. Another great thing about groups is that you are permitted to send direct messages to group members who will allow it.

Most group members allow messages to be sent directly to them. You must be careful not to abuse this. With all of that said, enter the link back to your website in all of your communications. This will drive traffic.

2. Post updates to your profile several times daily

As you go about communicating with group members and including your link within the process, it’s a good idea to send contact requests to those members. If you do this on a regular basis, your LinkedIn network will grow by leaps and bounds and when you post updates to your profile, your net work will see them. When you post your updates remember to include your link and you will enjoy a nice surge of nicely targeted traffic.

3. LinkedIn Ads

If your budget allows, you can choose to pay for advertising. When you are setting up your advertisement, you will be given the option to choose a target market. This is a good option because it allows you to fine tune and aim your marketing at the desired prospects. It is of varied opinions that this works well or not. It is, for the most part, inexpensive and worth testing.

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How To Attract More Clients Using Twitter


With many people using the Internet to market their businesses today there might seem to be a glut of information flowing all over the net. In today’s marketplace there has to be room for anyone that possesses the know how to be able to get their message out to be seen by others and become successful in their chosen niche.

Using Twitter is one of the methods that most business owners utilize in order to reach multiple numbers of potential customers without spending a ton of money, but how does one use Twitter to their advantage. Below is a list of marketing strategies using Twitter in your efforts to generate sales. Remember you will only have 140 characters to work with so make every one of them count.

Building a relationship with your contacts is one of the first steps in Twitter management that will get you off to a great start and gain credibility with those who follow you.

Using Twitter allows you to let your followers know what you are doing to help your clients. A simple statement like “Just finished setting up a programme for a client that will help them with gathering testimonials.”

Take the opportunity to let your followers know what you are doing to make your own business successful. Proper Twitter management allows you to tell them when you have just posted a new blog entry, recorded a new podcast, or submitted a new article.

Using Twitter provides you with the opportunity to share information about tools that you have found to be useful in your work. Something like Jing is a good way to get started with screen shots and short videos” is a perfect way to let potential clients know that you care about them.

You can also ask your followers for assistance when you are at a loss as to where to find something that will help you in your own business venture. Most people are glad to demonstrate their expertise as well, and since it is a community of like-minded people, good Twitter management demands that kind of interaction.

Be sure to respond to others who are in need of advice as well. When you are helping others, you are also building relationships, which is the name of the game on the social networks.

Everyone likes to take surveys and get feedback on something they are interested in. Set up a survey and announce it using Twitter. You will be sure to generate some clicks on that one.

Now that you know some of the ways you can use Twitter to build your business, all you have to do now is to begin to create some messages that you will be sending out to your followers. Posting a few times per week is the recommended method of getting your message out to numbers of people at the same time, and creating good visibility for you and your business.

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