Over $500,000 of @CrowdifyTech affiliate commissions to you a month by the end of 2016?

First thank you so much for showing an interest in Crowdify when we are still so new and just getting up and running. Alpha testing will run for one more week and then beta testing during November. This is pretty short but there is some important information here for both free users and premium members/ affiliates.

We are really happy by the initial responses to what we are doing. There are tens of millions of people paying for online tools a day. Our goal is to have just 100,000 of them become our paying members by the end of 2016 all enjoying massive savings and benefits from a wide array of perks and discounts in the Perkfluence area of our site. So under 1% of the potential market. By then we will be paying over half a million dollars a month in affiliate commissions. The earlier that you take action about this the bigger the share of this commission pool you will take. Can you see that by the time we have even 100 awesome perks and discounts it will become a no brainer for a user to be paying $12 a month to take advantage of them? Our goal is to by the end of 2015 to have dozens and then by the end of 2016 have thousands of such perks and discounts.

We are making a new “How to use the site” video today as there have been many updates and additions since the first one. The site will start improving a lot every day from now as we add more and more functionality and begin design work.

For the next few days you can get a year of premium membership for just $70, become a Crowdify affiliate and get full use of all the features in the site. 30 people or so have already taken up this chance thank you. Just head over to–2/x/3633283#/

to take up this offer. In December will become $120.


To you who have already become affiliates we have a special incentive/competition from now to the end of November. The names of anybody who signs up from now without using an affiliate link (around half the daily signups right now) will go into a pool. Our top referring affiliates every week for the next 5 weeks will be rewarded by having these people added to their list of people they earn commissions from. Best referrer will get 50% of them, 2nd best 30% and 3rd 20%.

We are all about creating win wins you see.

If you have already become a premium member please go here to ask any questions you have here in our alpha testers Facebook group
If not take the opportunity to save $30 on a membership here there is a full no questions asked money back guarantee for anybody who does.

joan infographic–2/x/3633283#/



Great new infographic by @JoanStewart1 about Crowdify @CrowdifyTech as we find founding members

Was awesome to wake up yesterday and find this infographic about our new platform for perks and discounts and more Crowdify. Joan Stewart has taken a lot of time and effort to prepare this and it gives a great overview of what we have to offer you all at this stage.

joan infographic

Right now we are nearing the end of stage 1 of our campaign to find 250 founding members who will become our affiliates and advocates. If you get in for $40 before October 28 you will save $70 and begin getting the benefits of membership earlier too!

Just go to to learn more and remember there is a full no questions asked money back guarantee.

Thank you so much Joan and everyone who is working to carry this forward.


How I have learned that my networking approach sucks. Please help me

Just a few days to go to get a year of Crowdify

Today I took advantage of the fun new Facebook note set up to publish an advertisement to potential Crowdify advocates.

Can I get a quick like click please? (That was apparently a CTA a Call to Action). I am scrambling to become a salesman.

This whole process of finding our founding members has been fascinating for me. I think I have around a million “followers” or connections (not unique) in the social media stratosphere. What I have not really listened to is advice from people about networking that told me we can only really connect properly and well with 150. I have enough belief in modern technology that that could possibly stretch to 250. But never a million. Never even 1000.

I have been trying to divide my time with around 20-30,000 people and while that has probably got me to the stage of them knowing my name it has failed to build barely any meaningful relationships or trust. So from now on I am aiming at making some changes to how I do things.

joan infographic

My goal is to have 100,000 paid members of Crowdify by November 1 2016 and I am getting that started right now. Not by trying to reach out to 100,000 as initially I thought I should. But by finding 250 and letting them do the work for 2-3 months and then opening the chance up to all our paying members in say February 2016 to become affiliates as well. Goals work in stages and the first stage of the 100,000 goal is the 250 goal. Instead of selling which I suck at as bad as networking I will stick to creating the site and apps. Which is my idea of fun. The 250 of you who take this chance will get a lot of attention and love from me and our growing team as well of course.

Premium memberships are a tiny way of how we are monetizing Crowdify but for those who get in early serious recurring income can be made by becoming our affiliate. This week I am going to find the 250 people. I have found 20 already and am not thinking it will be so difficult.
So the 5 quick reasons you should take action right now are here.
1. Crowdify will offer hundreds of perks and discounts to premium members making it a no brainer to pay a $12 monthly membership fee. So this is a very easy sale.
2. Any payments come with a no questions asked money back guarantee so you can recommend this comfortably to anyone.
3. Only premium members can become affiliates and for one more week those memberships are just $40 for a year. They will rise to $70 on October 28.
4. The earlier you get in the better. Even if people join Crowdify for free initially by using your link you will get credit for introducing them and begin getting paid 50% of whatever they pay when they upgrade. Which they will because they will save so much and be able to do so many things in our site when they do. So if for example if you find just 50 people who are paying premium membership then you will get $300 recurring income for as long as they pay. And that is at the present rate. We aim to make monthly membership $50 by Easter 2016.

5. The $40 you pay today for joining and getting many never to be repeated features is also money back guaranteed for the first 3 months if for some reason you want it. For example you will get a founders member badge and your early support for what we are doing will be reciprocated in a big big way. Just watch. Please feel free to ask others who have joined and they will tell you that they have already had great benefit.

So what to do. Well first phone about 1000 people in the expectation that 1 in 4 will take the chance. Then close friend he 250 on FB and put them on a Twitter list and a Google+ circle so that all 3 websites only show posts to me by these people and I can interact with them and support them better. That will be a good weeks work.

Thank you for being part of this at


Set up then Drip-Feed your Tweets and FB Posts with Feed140 @Feed140 #Crowdify #GetItDone

What is Feed140?

Our most precious asset is our time and there are ways to bake more of it.
Feed140 is a tool that lets you load a stream or feed of content into what they call your playbox then have it either tweet or post to your chosen Facebook page for you.

You can even share your playboxes with other users.



How To Get Started.


Sign in with Twitter then add your email and choose a password.

Connect your Facebook page and any RSS feed you want attached.

On the left is your dashboard. Choose Facebook or Twitter to schedule your posts or tweets.

That’s it!




Feed140 has both Free and Paid plans.



Over To You

Do you have any tips or suggestions to using Feed140? Add them to the list below!



Headline for Add Your Tips and Suggestions for Using @Feed140 here #Crowdify #GetItDone
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Add Your Tips and Suggestions for Using @Feed140 here #Crowdify #GetItDone

Here are you tips and suggestions to using Feed140

Enjoy and please ask any questions you might have in the comments below


Take Control of Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Kapost @kapost #Crowdify #Tools


Kapost is a content curation tool that supports your entire content operation by helping you align your marketing, get marketing visibility in the marketing process, and gain insights into the performance of your content all the while integrating with the tools you use today.

You can start building team alignment with Kapost personas and buying stages. You can assign personas and buying stages to each piece that you develop making sure that all of your content creators are on the same page. You can even see stats to see how much content you have created for each persona and buying stage making it easy to see any gaps in your content coverage.

Using the integrated campaign feature, you can align different pieces of content to support a broader idea. Kapost helps you organize all related pieces of content together helping you achieve greater impact across content channels.

Kapost also helps align content in your entire organization. Using the Kapost library, content is automatically shared with important stakeholders including sales, executives and product development.

Kapost gives your content team visibility in the content process. The Kapost calendar gives you the place where you can see the status and the campaigns. You can tell at a glance who is doing what and by when making sure your team is on track to make their deadlines.

With Kapost intelligent workflows, you can assign tasks to people in your organization. Members of your team are always up-to-date on what is expected of them and by when. You can ensure that your content is created smoothly and on schedule.

Team communication is essential for a well-run content operation. Kapost makes it easy for your team members to communicate with each other. You can be sure that everyone is on the same page on what’s happening and what needs to be done.

You can stay on top of your existing content with Kapost Content Auditor. You can see how much content you have, what needs updating, and whether you have content gaps that need to be filled.

Kapost Metrics help you stay on top on how your content is performing. You can gain new insights on how your content really works. Production metrics tell you the overall productivity of your content operation. Engagement metrics tract information such as the number of Facebook likes, twitter retweets and linkedin shares.

Using their integrations with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, you and your team can see the performance metrics of your content in a single place. Their content scoring tells you how many leads and and how much revenue your content has driven. You can see which pieces of content have helped to grow your business and which are lagging behind.

All of this is possible with Kapost’s library of integrations. With the most number of integrations of any content marketing platform, you can make Kapost the center of your content marketing process knowing it will fit the tools you use today and tomorrow. Kapost contains everything your content marketing needs to be successful and grow revenue.

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Your top tips for Kapost @kapost


Unlock the power of your voice by podcasting with Bubbly @BubblyApp #Crowdify #Tools

One thing that is possibly missing in your own social media mix is voice. Bubbly is a new answer to this.

Podcast listeners have nearly doubled in the past seven years and Bubbly is a social media platform that plays into this trend. It’s the ideal tool for anyone in the music businesses, but can also be utilized by those doing demonstrations, performing interviews, giving out what you know best or just even having a rant. It really is open to your imagination.


This really is a very simple app to use and you can do it anywhere at any time enabling to keep a great flow of content going even when you have a seemingly busy day.


Get the app: Android: IOS:


How Kred is promoting and connecting influential CEOs with #Kred

Kred has given CEOs a place to connect and tools to promote themselves with their platform. The whole concept is just evolving and will even be localised with for example a page for New York CEOs wanting to connect and profile themselves.

Kred CEO leaderboard

What does a Kred score mean?
Kred’s dual scores for inbound and outbound communication capture the complete spectrum of action, from Influence and Outreach. A person with Kred of “719 over 5” has Kred Influence of 719 and is on Kred Outreach Level 5.

Influence is scored on a normalized 1,000 point scale globally and within communities. It measures how effectively someone inspires action. Retweets, replies, likes, comments and new follows all grow Kred on Twitter. If a reaction comes from a person with more than 10,000 followers, it has a greater positive effect on Influence. When you add Facebook to your account, likes, comments,mentions and shares on your wall and the walls of others who have connected their account will also generate points.

Outreach illustrates generosity by measuring how frequently a person interacts with others and spreads their content. Since we believe that the capacity for generosity is infinite, Kred Outreach Points can also increase infinitely. Outreach points increase when a person retweets, replies, likes or adds new follows on Twitter, or when you comment, like or share someone else’s posts on Facebook.

Kred has been active in targeting on and offline events and ranking the reactions to the posts of influencers with a certain hashtag for example. They also have other analytics that you can use and I think that now that their parent company People Browser have purchased Empire Avenue we will be hearing more from them.


It is reasonably easy to get started with Kred and and it will help your online presence.

Please feel free to ask any questions


Where we are at with Crowdify right now (our 12 key features so far). #Startups

For a start thank you all so much for your interest in what we are building. Day by day Crowdify is becoming the go to place for technology lovers with great new features and functionality being added every hour. It is extremely exciting to be part of a team of clever motivated people and to be making something very special.
So what do we have for you?


We are giving out annual memberships to Crowdify for under 30% of the price right now
Here are 12 features we have so far

1. Know How Area (formerly Web Tools Wiki).
We are transporting all the posts from Web Tools wiki into We have around 3500 different pages already our goal is to have many many more and to keep making them better and better. Will have a simple app where users can get tips about tools for beginner and advanced levels
2. Jobs
We will have a jobs app called Techcruitment App. We will have a jobs board for technology jobs. We will initially white label an Australian companies software which we can embed.
3. Shop
Shop will be a simple embed of Shopify. We will sell tech related goods from Amazon and Alibaba and other places.We will have banner ads for goods from shop throughout the site.
4. Places
This will be an area where we promote coworking spaces and venues for meetups. It will be connected to DropPin App.

joan infographic

5. New Things
This area will be a little like Product Hunt. This will be the only part of the site where people can comment. Only premium members can submit products and comment.
6. Stockmarket
The stockmarket will evolve as we get users and feedback. Our users can pick 2 tech categories they want to be seen as influencers in.
7. Events
This area will be a little like Eventbrite and will connect with the Mingle App.
8. Crowdfunding
This will be one of our most important features it is not so easy to build but hopefully we will have it working by Christmas. Is in our other site right now but will be migrated.

9. Perks
Perks are our main feature. This is where we will give our premium users massive discounts and even some free access to a myriad of online tools.
10. Blog
The blogging set up is there right now I hope that they will become a place for you to share and get promotion of your content.
11. Tasks
Use your Crowd Coins to set tasks for other users. Use your imagination to get others doing stuff for you online.
12. Bitcoin
Pay other users or send funds requests with Bitcoin. Every user gets their own free wallet.

Become a full part of this for as little as just $10 at
Thank you


4 of the best #SMManagement tools and a great infographic on why by @iagdotme

I was one of the early users of Hootsuite back in 2009 and have continued using it daily. It keeps getting better and I am not surprised to see it here.

The other 3 tools that Ian Anderson Gray and G2Crowd have identified as being the most popular are maybe not so well known. I hope that will check out Agora Pulse, Sendible and Sprout Social and give them a try.

The Top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools of 2015 Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd

Add Your Tips and Alternatives to List.Ly Below!

Do you have any tips for using Sendible, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse or Hootsuite? Please add them to these lists.
Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your top tips for using @Sendible #Crowdify

Your top tips for using @Sendible #Crowdify

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Your Tips for @Hootsuite #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your Tips for @Hootsuite #webtoolswiki

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Your Tips for @Sproutsocial #webtoolswiki

Your Tips for @Sproutsocial #webtoolswiki

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Tips for using @Agora Pulse #Crowdify #GetItDone

Tips for using @Agora Pulse #webtoolswiki

Do you know any Social Media Management alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @SproutSocial #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @SproutSocial #webtoolswiki


Just won a good prize in the new auction FB game Exhibia @ExhibiaAuction have you tried it?

Ever since I was little and my father took me to auctions I have loved the chance of getting something a little cheaper by way of a bidding game. Yesterday I found that I can now do this on Facebook with a new game called Exhibia so I tried it out.

You log in with your Facebook account then have to “fund” a product and when you do this you are given bids. With those bids you can then go and try to get one of the products currently up for auction. You will never be asked by Exhibia to pay more than the going retail price. However if your bid is the last one when the auction expires you will very probably get the product a bit cheaper than that price. You can make live bids or set a number of bids. You will be bidding against real people because they can only join in with their Facebook or Google+ profiles. There will be a bit of a learning process for you while you get the feel of how to bid. This is common with most games right?

I won a $100 Amazon card without paying the full $100 so can say it was a very good experience. I will try again with other auctions. I took some screenshots so you can follow the process.



When I won Exhibia posted the result to my Facebook profile like this


Try it out for yourselves good luck!


Why we are giving out annual memberships to Crowdify for under 30% of the price

After working building Crowdify for over 2 years now the whole thing has gone way past money and has become simply and easily the thing I am going to do for the rest of my life. It is extremely exciting to have come to this point and I hope that it happens to you all one day. I have been searching for a quick and simply definition of what we are offering here. I think of it right now as a Linked In for technology lovers that offers many perks and benefits. My wife and co founder Yoriko sees it as a launching pad for startups and for online tools that are looking for users.

crowdify_logo_twitter Brands_and_Apps

As you can see from the map here it is a complex and multi faceted thing. We will have 6 apps operating by the end of the year for example and have already made 2. So now we as we prepare to properly launch our website and community we are are crowdfunding but not really for the “funding”. We could find that money elsewhere. What we are looking for is more people who will help take Crowdify forward. Step up and become maybe a city manager or just begin blogging in our site. Offer discounts on your premium service and thereby attract new users. Simply make suggestions during our beta testing.

In November we will begin properly but in the meantime it is going to be very interesting to see who comes along and has some interest in what we are doing. So far we have given shares in the business to around a dozen people who have contributed in some way so far. We will be looking to do more of that so perhaps there is an opportunity for you there as well.

In any case I do hope that you check out our first Indiegogo campaign and get involved. We will be running this again in November but the price will be much higher and there will be less benefits offered. You can become one of our founding members, save $104 and get many other benefits here

Thank you


How to do Blogger Outreach with GroupHigh @grouphigh #Blogging


I love seeing win wins being created.

GroupHigh’s blogger outreach marketing software helps companies find bloggers , manage and track relationships, and measure earned post successes. GroupHigh, the originator of blogger outreach software provides world-class software for agencies and brands that conduct blogger outreach campaigns and maintain blogger networks. Their software consists of several modules that streamline the entire blogger outreach process from identifying influential bloggers to reporting on the earned media value and mentions generated through blogger outreach.

They have Real-time analytics so you don’t wait for results and they have powerful content filters. So, they can focus on bloggers that write content that aligns with your marketing message. Their service also includes extensive search options so they can filter blogs based on their social presence, when they last posted, how often they post, how many authors they have, their location, and their SEO stats.

GroupHigh’s Blogger CRM is the central hub for managing your blogger relationships. Core components include:
folders and lists that organize blogger database by ranking, topic, affinity and more,
automated blogger research that research and keep up-to-date more than 50 social, web, and seo metrics,
advanced database filters which quickly create segments and select the perfect bloggers for any campaign,
and blog rating that keep tabs on blogger participation, performance, and activity.

GroupHigh’s blogger hub is built around an intuitive, drag & drop folder and list structure. This allows marketers maximum flexibility to categorize, organize, and segment bloggers to fit with any workflow.

A crucial component no matter the size of the blogger outreach strategy is the ability to segment, identify, and sort a blogger database. GroupHigh’s Blogger CRM allows for instant search across a database by the blog’s name, the primary contact, or email. Filter by social profile, follower count, outreach stage, last activity date, last posted date and more.

One of the reasons GroupHigh is loved by agencies and brands that run blogger outreach campaigns is that GroupHigh does the heavy lifting associated with website, SEO, and social analytics. Data about your bloggers is kept up to date daily* so you always know their Total & Social Reach metrics, website traffic, and SEO rank. Crucial website and blog metrics such as last post date, number of contributing authors, weekly post frequency, and post topics are also updated automatically so that choosing the best blogs for your next campaign is easy and fast.

Communciating with bloggers is one of the most important parts of a blogger outreach campaign. Best practices dictate the that marketers reach out to new prospective bloggers using a personal one-off email or post to their contact form. However, a valuable part of blogger outreach is maintaining relationships over time. For this, the Group Email function allows marketers to quickly compose, send emails to maintain communication with a blogger network.

Whether it is earned media, a mention of a niche topic or a competitor’s content earnings—locating branded and granular content is a tedious process without GroupHigh.

Marketers love the ability to instantly generate a report showcasing earned blog and social mentions to demonstrate ROI, map engagement and display top influencers for every project, campaign and strategy. GroupHigh offers a selection of great reports to show you how your Earned Media stacks up.

One of the easiest ways to build a loyal audience of bloggers is to provide them with a simple way to raise their hand and indicate they want to work with your brand. GroupHigh’s Blogger Access module allows you to quickly build and embed custom blogger sign-up forms that opt bloggers directly into your GroupHigh database.

You can create a landing page and/or button on your brand’s website called “Blogger Access” as well as promote your “Blogger Access” program by tweeting, emailing, and interacting with you clients, customers, and fans. Bloggers sign-up and fillin basic information about their blog. Blogger’s show up in your GroupHigh database with their entire social footprint and blog stats ready for your review. You review, approve, email, or reject bloggers in seconds.

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Your top tips for GroupHigh @grouphigh


How to use Gimp for photo retouching. A guide #PhotoRetouching

Gimp: A Program For Photo Retouching, Image Composition And Authoring.


Gimp is a really short name for an even longer real name: GNU Image Manipulation Program.  It’s pretty complex so, yes, we have a beginner’s guide tutorial below for you.

The user interface of this site  is designed by a dedicated design and usability team. This team was formed after the developers of this software signed up to join the OpenUsability project.

A user interface brainstorming group has since been created for this application , where users of GIMP can send in their suggestions as to how they think the GIMP user interface could be improved.


GIMP is presented in two forms, single and multiple window mode; the verson 2.8 defaults to the multiple window mode.

In multiple window mode a set of windows contain all of this software  functionality. By default, tools and tool settings are on the left and other dialogues are on the right.

GTK+ (GIMP tool kit) is used to create the graphical user interface. GTK+’s creation and history regarding GIMP is described in the history section above.

Media attention-

GIMP’s fitness for use in professional environments is regularly reviewed and as such often cited as a possible replacement for Adobe Photoshop. The maintainers seek to fulfill GIMP’s product vision rather than replicate the interface of Adobe Photoshop.



Do you have any tips for using Gimp? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your top tips for using @GIMP_Official #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your top tips on how to use Gimp #Crowdify

What Is GNU Image Manipulation Program?

What Is GNU Image Manipulation Program?

Do you know any Gimp alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to GIMP @GIMP_Official #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your suggestions for alternatives to GIMP @GIMP_Official #Crowdify


We hope you enjoy Gimp. To search for any other online tool please use our search box at the top of the page. If you have benefited from what you have learned here we hope you will consider sharing this page with your social media friends by using one of the sharing buttons out on the left. Thank you!

If you have any questions about Gimp please ask in the comment boxes below either Google+ or click over to Facebook.


How to Know Your Influencers Better with Traackr @traackr #InfluencerMarketing


Traackr is an influencer relationship management platform. Their application helps marketers discover new influencers they should pay attention to and provides insights to create and nurture relationships with these key people. Traackr works primarily with marketers for mid-size and large brands and serves as the backbone for their influencer marketing programs. Most of their customers are greenfield and developed their influencer programs with Traackr.

Traackr is keyword-based and the team stresses that setting up the keywords correctly is critical. They work with customers to fine tune the set up so you get what you’re looking for. While other monitoring services and online research tools may offer a topic-based approach, searching the web in a more advanced, non-keyword dependent, approach, none are solely influencer tools.

Traackr combines three qualities when finding and ranking influencers. Reach is obvious. Let’s you know how many people a person reaches when they write something online Resonance is the tendency for those posts to be repeated, linked to, retweeted and the like. You can find out if a person gets amplified by his or her network. The last one is relevance, which Traackr measures based on the keywords you’re targeting and how recent, often and important they are in the blogger/influencer’s content.

Certainly, one could argue relevance is only worthwhile with a certain reach and resonance, but unlike most other influencer tools, Traackr scores and prioritizes quality over quantity in this regard — certainly something worth considering.

It’s incredibly easy. Put in good keywords, hit search and voila! You get your top-X list of influencers. Their algorithm produces a high quality list. You can add your own influencers to ensure their posts are considered and the dynamic nature of the tool allows you to see who’s talking about the topics in question now and how influential they are.

The tool is good and if taking the manual labor of identifying who you should reach out to — not the outreach itself, just making your list — is time you’d rather spend doing other things, then Traackr may be for you.

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Your top tips for Traackr @traackr