A great new tool for both collecting leads and promoting your friends

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Yesterday my friend Anise Smith introduced me to this new website/ tool that grabbed my attention to the extent that I went through their 8 steps and completed my profile set up and decided it was worth telling you all about.

We have had a lot of discussion about this kind of thing recently and we have a fast-increasing number of options of finding out how popular we are. PROskore does that in its own way and has much more too.

The first interesting feature is that it does not measure and “feature” your personal Facebook profile but your “Like” page. Your blog also gets good promotion with your most recent post showing up prominently on your profile. Your Twitter, Linked In And Google+ accounts are also shown on your profile and presumably taken into account when your score is taken into account.

So a bit of Klout and Peer Index with a twist so far. As for your score it seems to increase as you fill out your profile so it is worth taking the time to get that done before you take your profile public.

However Proskore is very businesslike and what you do inside PROskore counts. . The main difference between PROskore and Klout is that ir takes into account more than just social media.You get several opportunities to explain where you went to College, what you do, what you offer and what/ who you are looking for. As with Linked In you can recommend friends but just a simple recommendation for one or more of their chosen specialities. No chance to write extensively but just a simple click. These recommendations and your recommenders face show up prominently on your profile.

Where all this leads to is leads and this is where PROskore gets clever. I am still pondering the exact required strategy as I may have chosen too many specialities and maybe not enough “looking fors”. Perhaps 3 of each is best. People can usually remember 3 things about you. Any more you risk diluting your brand. Leads are popping up already which is exciting!

There is a freemium choice. For a small monthly or yearly payment we can get our PROskore profile verified and more heavily promoted. As this is primarily a business-orientated platform I imagine many will take up this opportunity.

As with Klout PROSkore offers an excellent chance for your to promote and connect your friends. Send people to their profile with tweets. Check out what they see their strengths are and in what categories they are searching for leads. Give them recommendations and connect with them on networks that you may not already have.

Proskore has huge potential to be extended/ improved into something very special.You can see my profile and make yours here

I am on 82 right now so please share with us any tips you have for increasing your score!

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