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Recently I have heard a lot about the relevance graph and how it can help us find what we want to be seeing.
Are you using any tools for this? So far I have found Klout and Scoopit which gives me content that has been popular in my chosen topics.

I am also looking closely at Bottlenose.

Bottlenose fights social media overload and streamlines you experience with flexible, granular feed customization options.There are a myriad of options which are explained in the videos below.

You can follow selections of a person`s Twitter and Facebook feeds, getting someone’s sports news while skipping their yoga or music posts. It’s also easy to sort by author influence, trending in your network, your interests (it learns these based on your activity) and pretty much any other criteria. You can set up as many feeds as you want.

Any of these feeds can be viewed as a visual node map for quick browsing and have automatic actions such as “reply” or “send alert” attached to it. For instance, you could set up a rule that “for messages by people I have mentioned more than five times, show a desktop notification.”

Bottlenose’s biggest innovation, co-founder Nova Spivack says, is a new language analysis technology that is written in javascript and designed specifically for the short-form communication on social media, including shortcuts such as hashtags and @ signs. It enables the platform to develop a semantic understanding of information before sorting it however you’d like.

Through what it “assistants,” you can add streams such as “suggested reposts” or “by influencers” or one of your own.

Here is more…

And more…

Hope you will leave some feedback below.

I will add more after we have Nova on #toolschat this week.


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