My fun meeting with #Bitclub founder and #Bitcoin visionary Russ Medlin and what I learned

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Yesterday in Tokyo I was privileged enough to spend time with Bitclub founder Russ Medlin. Russ is a great example of someone who truly gets the power of forming a team to do something rather than battling away on your own.

Bitcoin has become almost impossible to mine individually so in the past year or so Russ has gathered together over 5,000 fellow entrepeneurs to do it as a team. Some have chipped in as much as 1.4 million dollars some just 599 but together we can mine. And also as I learned yesterday we can do other things to. Like have our own coin called Club Coin which is being distributed over the next 2 days to people who join at a rate never to be repeated. And get group discounts and have our own Mastercard debit card and team up with tech experts to do things that other people have yet to try.

Russ is doing things this way because it is pretty much the only way he knows. He has been a network marketer since his mid 20s leveraging off the power of the team around him to develop and deliver innovative products. When you combine Russ`s work ethic and vision and marketing skills with groundbreaking technology a win win is pretty much inevitable. Bitcoin is barely 5 years old and the whole concept of digital currency is not yet widely understood. Those who spend the time to grasp it and get involved are going to profit. Especially when they combine it with commerce. The thing with Bitcoin so far is that the focus has been on building the technology and little use has been made of it commercially. You can have the chance to be one of the first to do it. Bitclub is about much more than simply mining as a team. It is evolving into an unstoppable marketing force. When i joined 3 months ago there were only 10 or joining a day but 129 new people joined yesterday. This is pretty normal now with an average of 100 a day joining in November. At this rate there will be around 40,000 people involved by the end of 2016. What a thing this will become!

I urge you to try this out and am totally happy to guarantee your money back if at any time you become unhappy with the process. I have been paid out over $500 so far on a $599 investment made less than 3 months ago. And until yesterday I did not really grasp the power of what is going on. I will be beginning efforts to promote this now.

Here is a photo of Russ with my wife Yoriko and Haydn Stephenson who first told me about Bitclub.

russ medlin

Russ generously bought us dinner. He deserves to have us do that for him instead. Looking forward to teaming up with you just go to


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