Getting shared? Some thoughts and a fun vid

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If you are reading this chances are you are you are interested in how sharing is developing and getting shared. Have you noticed that we are starting to do a lot of it? We are now the media. Newspaper, magazines and television channels traditionally paid for the content and controlled it. The days of paying for and anyone but us the people controlling content are all but over. Hence the term “Social” Media.

Are we all becoming an open book? Is this the time when we all open up and cast off the insecurity and fanatacism of  “privacy”? Stepping into our real truth? If you are a content producer, and let’s face it who isn’t, why not get it shared?

This video asks if we are going over the top with digital communications but watch it the second time for the myriad of examples of how the “digital native” generation is wired to share. Why wouldn’t you want to be?

Platforms such as Buzz Feed, Reddit, Get Glue and Tumblr are attracting masses of new users a day. Will they all be household names like Facebook,  Foursquare, You Tube, Twitter and Google plus within the year? It is far from impossible with the speed at which things are happening.

I embrace this as it encourages connectivity. I set out everyday to learn a new “platform” and build a network on it. Stumble Upon is about to connect to Triberr and already drives around 50% of web traffic. It is getting a lot of my attention this weekend. I am also developing my Scoopit presence.

Pushing yourself to learn at least one new connectivity tool or strategy a day is I believe vital. The principles of social networking apply equally wherever you go but if you are producing content you want it shared right? Everywhere. Thanks Clayton Johnston for adding the sliding share buttons to this blog. Nice touch! For those of you who have blogs or websites you must be updating their shareability at least once a week. Why wouldn’t you?

Find most of my presences across the social web on my profile and social directory on the amazing Xeeme and hope we connect further across all of the social web. I am an open networker and I share a lot. Around 50% of my tweets are retweets.

I am also giving vote backs and tweets for people who vote and tweet me out here in this fascinating “Social Influence” Competition.

Fun right?


Let’s get together and feel allright.


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