Size matters on social media. Are you getting your sizing right?


People are seeing more and more faster and faster online every day. We are all getting more savvy by way of use of the latest tools and strategies. Getting people to click the magic share button on your posts will be aided if they are the right size and people can see the whole thing. They will also be more likely to comment on or even like or +1 if a photo or message looks its best when opened.

As for cover photos and banners make sure we can see all of them especially the parts that have your name or website displayed. Again and again i see people messing this up and until recently have been guilty myself.

With the huge increase in sharing that is happening every tiny little thing that we can do to improve how we share is going to make a big difference. For example to promote this post I will make an image in Google+ and Facebook and add the post link to it. This will get shared more readily than a simple sharing of the link.

So I think that you agree that getting your images not too big and not to small is worth taking some extra seconds to do. So how? I use the resize function in PicMonkey but there are several other places just as good. Please make your recommendations below.

This wonderful infographic by Lunametrics is a keeper! It has everything you need to know and soon you will remember the perfect sizes for each place.

sizing_infographic king some extra seconds to do. I use the resize function in

Happy sharing

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