Who Are Your Best Social Media Friends? Are You Building Your “Community”?

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OK guys these are my thoughts on community building

Who are your real peeps?

How do you keep a relationsip with them while building them with others?

Like it or not by participating in Social Media we are each building a community.This is happening whether we are a business, a charity or even just having fun.

This will be more successful and happen faster if

  • You decide clearly who you are and who you are not and stick tothat niche
  • Are fun and show gratitude
  • You have a strategy

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to who my real community is. Is it growing too fast and would it be stronger in the long term to just hang out online with a smaller group??

I guess this a presssing need for me as I am at the limit of 5000 Facebook friends and getting around 40-70 requests a day. I usually take about 10 and then go in and remove 10 or so that I have not really had any communication with.

I am looking at different techniques as to how to define who my real peeps are and looking to give them more attention and shout outs.

I do this by constantly building lists of who ~

  • Comments on my Facebook notes
  • Tags me in notes,photos and videos on facebook
  • Clicks like or comments on my links or status updates on Facebook
  • Retweets me
  • Sends me #FollowFriday shout outs
  • Comments on my You Tube videos and my blog posts

Especially I am interested in who adds me to Twitter lists and most of all who follows my lists.I am a massive believer in the power of Twitter lists and am now on around 6000 spread across my 5 Twitter accounts.

I truly believe that these people are the ones that are becoming my community.

If we go really wide too early and do not build a base of people that know and trust us and thus do not or even do not know enough about us to recommend us then we risk trying to be everything to everyone.

This will not work in Social Media as establishing yourself in your niche and being constantly recommended in public are key to being influential and successful.

I have the goal of building a community of 4950 or so Facebook friends who I interact with and do business with and share inspiration with forever.To do this requires constant monitoring and refining and time efficient techniques of 1 to 4950 relationship building. As we are in a completely new space with new tools and insights appearing daily this is a constant work in progress.

So I read a lot and try out new tools and techniques as much as possible.

It is vital to continue evolving and pushing boundaries


  1. Give out massive amounts of value for free,
  2. Be friendly and fun,
  3. Say thank you, a lot,
  4. Connect up lots of people,
  5. Compliment people,
  6. Edify people`s content (by retweeting or sharing),
  7. When you visit someone`s page or blog or youtube channel or video LEAVE A MEANINGFUL COMMENT (Biggest tip!),
  8. Be consistent to your niche,
  9. Answer people back on the same day,
  10. NEVER fight in public


(Oh.11. Try you best not to sell stuff.Be marketer not a salesperson)

+12 “chose your words carefully and with love”. (from Charles Ward)

What are you doing to build a community around you, your business or your cause?

Any tips for us all??

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