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Connect Me Vouches for Trust Anchors.

I am vouching for 10 here people here that you may or may not know. I have known them all for a while now and I trust and respect them. This is what it is about right?

I hope that you will choose your vouches as carefully as you can and not merely “trade” them.

We are building an amazing community as the connecting continues.

So in no particular order and thought of in a totally random way here are ten I have couched for to be one the thousand trust anchors and why.

Terri Nakamura
Terri is in Seattle and an inspiration in the fields of art, design , social media and inspiration itself. A great balance of American and Japanese too! @terrinakamura on Twitter

Neal Schaffer
Neal is based in Orange County, California and is a wonderful source of info and insights,strategies and new tools. Author of a best seller on Linked In a leading authority on Social Media generally.Check out his Windmill Networking group and follow @nealschaffer

Steve Cassady
Steve and I have participated in around 250 Twitter chats together in the past year. Steve is open and supportive and fun.

Jackie Bigford
Jackie is in Ottawa, Canada and a rising force amongst those using social media for good.We share a passion for promoting and supporting people on Twitter and for dolphins. Follow her at @JackiesBuzz and @gogvm

Mark Lovett
Mark is the @GlobalPatriot from San Diego. A professional winetaster and lover of people and our planet and putting his passion into action. Feel some special bond with this guy somehow.

Jason Ball
Jason runs some huge Linked In groups centred around Business in Japan and will connect you to anyone worth knowing in Tokyo. A very nice guy and tweets from @goodpeoplejapan

From LA a star of Empire Avenue and doing incredible things there, on her Facebook page and on twitter as @autismfamily

Thomas Power
Through Ecademy Thomas connected literally tens of thousands of people and along the way dragged them screaming and kicking into 2011. Via a committed strategy of being a daily source of great info about the internet,social media and business Thomas is an invaluable guy to check out. In London but with a “friend in every city” Thomas is @thomaspower

Steven Hughes
Steven is a marketer and marathon runner in New Jersey. Totally reliable, steady and supportive. Find him at @sbhsbh

Cyndee Haydon
Cyndee is a realtor in Clearwater, Florida who tweets from @cyndeehaydon. She will surprise you by how good a friend she will be and how much she can teach you about getting a lot done on and offline each day.

Looking forward to seeing your ten.

Let’s get together and feel allright.


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