Pillar 1 – Getting Known: Get Connected and Recommended

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Chapter 1

This chapter is absolutely crucial. Please do not skip it! Your pillar that will support and determine the strength of all the others.

Many people wonder why no one can tell them (or more importantly tell other people) what they do. What value they have. This is especially important in the realm of social media as we all have a lot of connections and we also have a lot of power to easily recommend them. IF we know what they do. During his Wealth Dynamics Experience Weekend Roger Hamilton speaks a lot about Station Names. Everyone round the world is buzzing about on their own train and occasionally visiting stations. You need a name or no one will visit.Once you get them there you have to give them value so they will;

1. Stay for a while

2. Come back

3. Recommend you to people

You have to make this easy for them to do.

I am a creative person with dynamic energy. Useless for finishing things but good with networking. Like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. People like me more than other personalities must control what people say about them. So that their brand gets known. I had an interesting experience which relates to 2 separate but consecutive discussions with business colleagues.I asked them who introduced them to a person we mutually knew. They both answered quickly and surely.Oh “Jonathan the Real Tech Guy. You know him right?”. I do.

Many people know Jonathan.He has created a fantastic business in 9 months with zero capital. He started a worldwide Real Estate Agents referral network through a Facebook group. His group now has over 30,000 members from over 80 different countries. He gets a small commission if they successfully refer. A lot of that had to do with his personal branding. The “Real Tech Guy”Real is for real estate. It also infers genuineness. Tech is not usually associated with real estate so this stands out. It infers internet, technology, modern. Savvy.

These 2 words are easy to remember and repeat. Jonathan is controlling completely what is said about him and in a strong and memorable way. Brilliant. I hardly know Jonathan but I know what he does and can tell people that.

personal brand

So who are you? How do I describe you to a mutual acquaintance or to someone who does not know you?

I am Michael from Tokyo and am an author about online presence and I love the environment.I see this as meaning I am an environmentalist, use and know the internet, have a network and am internationally minded (living in Tokyo). I believe the internet will save the planet by spreading and enhancing consciousness , breaking down national borders and conflicting interests and bring economic parity. I am into that. I am focused on mastering the tools of the internet in order to promote the cause of a sustainable economy governed by a single responsible body representative of all peoples. I offer value as a teacher about using the internet, as a partner and am living my dream of saving the planet with total passion and purpose.

Have you thought much about what people say about you? People will get to know you via your content whether it be photos or tweets or updates.

It is vitally important that you choose 2 or 3 key words and stick to them. Test it out with people. Ask your friends what they think your 3 words will be. I love doing Facebook updates asking this. I recommend that one of your words be a town or a country. Another word should be something that represents your value and perhaps the third word may be something that easily distinguishes you. All your online content should have at least some direct connection with your brand. Do your best not to confuse people or “dilute” your brand.

Examples of people who I see as branding themselves well are Sherri Pellegren. Sherri has a jewelry company Meeo Miia which sells “social media jewelry”. She is inspiring and she is from Las Vegas. Steve Cassady is a business mentor from Kansas City and is an expert on Linked In. Are you getting my point?

How many people do you know? Conventional wisdom says that we can only know 150 but we can remember a few more than that. Maybe as many as 500? So how are you going to get yourself remembered, then recommended and connected by your friends? You will have to get into their “top 500”. People often tweet asking for recommendations to specialist in various areas. If you have branded yourself well with me I will able to readily recommended you. What do your online bios or profiles say about you? Are they even consistent?

Do they emphasize your 2 or 3 key words?

Pillar 1 be yourself

As well as watching your own branding niche your marketing efforts to a niche as well and also who you socialize with as people will see you and brand you through this. This will be discussed further in Chapter 3 about content and chapter 4 about socializing strategically.

Chapter 2 is about online skills. I am not personally highly technically competent and getting to grips with some of the tools that I use each day has not always been easy.

Please read on to find out why it is so important to keep “skilling up”.

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