Pillar 2 – Using the Internet: The Tools You Will Need to Learn and Keep Learning

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This chapter will be a very brief explanation of the necessity to build and nurture Pillar 2 and then to learn about each individual tool you need simply follow links to their pages in the Web Tools Wiki. Alternatively use the search area in the Web Tools Wiki. If we do not have a tool that you use please let us know in the comments below.


The book will link into into a literal Wikipedia of online tools. What will set this Wiki apart from other explanations about tools is that each individual page about each tool will be linked to examples of successful strategies incorporating those tools and instructions how to fit them into your daily or weekly online presence strategy and make up. The explanations will also be written by power users of those tools who will also be available on a regular basis to offer webinars and even answer your questions about use and strategy in the comments section below each page.

Pillar 2 is where it is on your 7 building blocks because after you have branded yourself in Chapter 1 you now need some basic skills. So many of us jump straight into Pilllar 4 areas “being social” with limited branding strategy and limited knowledge of how to actually use the internet.

Almost everything we use online is a tool. I am confident that by using what is suggested in this book that you can save hours and hours of time using more and more tools in more and more effective and strategic ways. Gmail is a tool. Skype. Security and list building software. Hootsuite, a social media “dashboard”. All of them are being constantly updated and this will be another feature of our book. We will never fail to update any change to our advice or review pages so you can be guaranteed by coming here that you are getting the best and brightest information.

I have been lucky to be part of an incredible online community called #ToolsChat which I founded in April 2011. We have a Facebook group and a weekly Twitter chat and participants are some of the most knowledgeable and giving experts in the world. I hope that you will come play in our community! I can promise you right now I am far from a geeky or “techy” guy. I am a recovering lawyer who barely used a computer till 9 years ago when i turned 45 years old. What I do know about is that leverage of your time and energy in any endeavour is crucial.

I have taken the time to learn and implement certain tools and strategies aligned with them that mean that what takes some people an hour only takes me a few minutes. You will learn all of this plus the same kind of thing from our myriad of contributors by delving further and further into this book. I am incredibly excited about learning it all myself. You see there is no limit to how much you can do. There are more “hours” in each day than you can imagine as the tools are getting more and more clever.

If I have a “message” for you in his chapter it is that you do not know what you do not know and that you will benefit from trialing and testing new tools. Perhaps even one a day but at least 2 a week. What you were doing last week is not necessarily the ultimate way to be doing things this week. My goal is to help you “keep up” and “skill up”.

The action points for this chapter are
1. If a friend recommends an online tool head over to the Web Tools Wiki and search for it and study up how it works.
2. Try 2 new tools a week. Give them a month of your regular time and effort. You will probably not learn them in a day.
3. Join some kind of online community where people are discussing the latest tools. You will be able to ask questions and be kept up to date with the latest developments.

Using this book will take some time to get used to but let us know in the comments if you have suggestions or questions. Next we graduate to Pillar 3 chapter 3 where I will discuss getting liked by the quality and nature of your content.

Please ask any questions you have about Chapter 2 in the comments area below.

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