Pillar 5 – Getting Trusted: Showing the Real You

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The 5th Pillar of your online success is one which may take some adjusting to for some.

The internet and social media in particular gives an enormous chance to be quickly trusted and gain empathy with others by just being ourselves,

This is equally true for companies what I am talking about are photographs and videos of staff parties and events. Checkin opportunities for staff and customers too. Dale Carnegie made it clear that people will buy most readily from people who they know and trust and most crucially from those who are people like themselves. So how do we do this? We show ourselves doing things that others do.

There is a clamour for people who are genuinely authentic. Confident and comfortable in their skin. Living their birthright to the full. Checking in and sharing your life with your friends and with the world is part of stepping up to being a true leader. Think about this. No secrets or fear. Authentically you.

Foursquare is friendly and fun and an absolutely amazing branding and connecting tool you just have to be using a few times daily if you really want an effective online presence.
Foursquare is clearly not going away although there are several challengers. Facebook and Google checkins for a start. Yelp is slightly different but there are many other variations on the location based theme. Get Glue deals with virtual check ins where you watch a movie, TV show or listen to music in real time with your friends.

If you have a location based business location focused tools and strategies really are a no-brainer as the creative possibilities are endless. Luigi Cappel deals with location more here

The 5th pillar is about being seen doing things that other people do. People like people like themselves you see. This is the selfie generation.

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It also personalises you and brands you. Wow the Dalai Lama likes ten pin bowling and lives in Dharasalam for example. Elizabeth Traub landed her biggest client as a media consultant because she made a quirky video that allowed the client to see the real Elizabeth. They then become a people who does real things in a real place that we can identify with. Not just some mythical figure who comes up with great quotes and radiates compassion or someone who helps people invest their money. We gravitate towards them because we see see them doing things we love doing and realise that they are no different to us and that we can even be them with a little work on ourselves.

Some action steps to take to enhance your Pillar 5 presence are;
1. become a photographer of yourself and others you spend time with.
2. Post some personal related content each day. Photos, updates about your life or thoughts
3. Join Foursquare and build your network there. Check in regularly

So we are now known, online savvy, liked, followed and trusted. We are nearly making money or getting votes and donations. Chapter 6 Pillar 6 is about getting your brand and your content and maybe even your product promoted by others. For doing nearly nothing. Read on here

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