Pillar 6 – Getting Shared and Promoted

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.Thank you for getting this far in the book.

So now we are at the exciting stage of you getting promoted like crazy without hardly doing a thing and certainly never asking.

It may sound far too good to be true but if you have adequately built your lower 5 pillars you will see amazing results.

All you have to do is what you are probably doing already but in a more strategic way and in a more strategic way. This is by sharing and socialising a little less in social places but in social sharing (collaborative) places. I truly believe that this is the biggest gap that people have and that by filling it their online presence will explode. Many people you see have great content and huge social followings but are not getting shared. They need to beg others for shares and promotion. In essence they have no plan and are hanging out in the wrong places. Mix regularly with sharers in your niche.

Each of the communities I mention here will be covered in depth later in the book and I suggest that you read through this first before visiting them from the linked key words. If you are a blogger I recommend you hang out on Triberr. To complement this you will need a reasonable Twitter presence. If you are essentially a curator you will benefit from Stumble Upon and especially Every online presence needs to be involved in Empire Avenue and Xeeme. There is also and Slideshare. Pinterest is of course the premier example.

The people you will meet in these places are sharers sometimes almost compulsive and sharing over 5,000 pieces of content a day like me. Often you may need to think outside the square to some extent and build your Empire Avenue relationships in Facebook groups and your key Triberr collaborators may be spending a lot of their social time on Twitter. Xeeme has vibrant communities.

Try all these places out and find which one suits you best. Most of them are free and they all have highly friendly members who will embrace and initiate you. Do not be scared to ask for help or connections. If you need help or tips please feel free to ask in the comments section below here or in the pages in the book where these communities are featured. Yes communities. Collaborative communities. Where what you put in will be returned in spades.

They all have differing systems and pros and cons. Xeeme has buzz and Empire Avenue has missions. Both are braced for major overhaul and it is often version 2 when these places really become valuable. This has proved the case with There is also GaggleAmp and Viral Content Buzz and Social Buzz club and many more. .

So niche yourself reasonably tightly and find “tribes” where you will gradually feel the joy of being shared freely without having to beg. Often it only takes a small spark to prompt massive second and third level sharing which will eventually depend on the quality and value of your content. Most people will be more likely to open a link that has been shared by someone that they know, like and trust than one shared and “spammed” by the creator of the content themselves. On a basic level you will have seen members of Facebook that will post links or requests for sharing. Some people will be regular sharers of that content. What the really successful people in those groups are doing is a mix of both those things

It is also necessary to make your content readily shareable. Write great tweets that will get your Triberr links opened. Even captivate the attention of those in your tribes who make the decision whether or not to share you. Get your sizing right I hope you make full use of this amazing infographic to do this. Comment on the blog posts of others in your Triberr tribes. Leave insights on Leave shout outs and comments on missions in Empire Avenue. Not only will the producers or the curators of the content see it but others will see it too. Sharers will gravitate towards you like a magnet.

You yourself may be able to reach 25-50 potential link openers with a tweet of Facebook or Google+ share of your content. What if however you had 50 people all sharing your content to their 25-50 people and you were reaching an increasingly wide and diverse range of people each day and some of them were connecting to your social spaces and on sharing (third level sharing). And all you had to do was be friendly and regularly collaborative with those 50 people? Sound more valuable than discussing the weather and sports with your regular Facebook buddies on their profiles. I am not saying that that is not fun and sometimes valuable but it will rarely get you shared and promoted.

Especially in the case of communities which have been established as a business there seems to be a feeling among many that they have no obligation to support or promote the community publicly. That the founders of the community will do that for them. yet when we examine more closely what a community is (and especially a thriving community) surely every member would benefit exponentially if everybody supported and promoted it. Often the growth and eventual success of a community will depend on how much the members are prepared to spread positive messages about it. There will inevitably be attrition along the journey and the enrolment of new members will be essential.

One of the difficulties of building a community is the lack of ability to suppress negative sentiments (often quite well meant) by members publicly and this becomes even more difficult in these days of social media. Often communities are built around a new tool and the founders are not skilled in expressing their vision in an effective manner to the more sceptical in the community. In almost every case the founders are attempting things that have never been attempted before.

After the initial excitement of meeting new people and learning new things communities are built around meaningful collaborations and around the giving of mutual value. Their development often goes through ebbs and flows. It is essential that community members do not attack the founders publicly at these times of ebbs. Newer and more impressionable members will see the attacks and wonder if they should not be investing their time and energy elsewhere. Constructive criticism is of course great and often a necessary factor in community development but perhaps this should be addressed privately? This is where the 3/1000 rule from my headline comes in to play.

You may think that your criticism is not being seen and that when you address your concerns or complaints to the leaders of the community only they will see it. Research however shows that in the case of Facebook for every 3 people who comment on what you say around 1000 have seen it first. Bad news will inevitably get seen and attract more attention than good. Beware of spreading bad news just so that you draw more attention to yourself. As a community member you have responsibilities.

So next time you are considering challenging or criticising your community perhaps it may be better to apply the old adage that if you have you have nothing good to say why say it at all. Write to the founder or leader of the community privately. Even discuss it is in a small private group and form a group letter which expresses common concerns. For the good of the community and everyone involved present a positive, united front. Otherwise you may find that you bounce from one community to another and that they all decline in popularity. Who have you served by being the catalyst for that?

if you are not part of something you can wholeheartedly promote perhaps you should be asking why you are part of it in the first place? There are numerous options these days and not everywhere will resonate with everyone. Choose your community wisely but when you join be a supporter and promoter of it. Publicly at least.

Action Plan for your Pillar 6 presence

1. Join Triberr, Empire Avenue, Stumble Upon and

Chapter 7 Pillar 7 is about getting bought from. To some extent all the ideas and principles in 7 are intertwined with the rest of the book. After this you will be ready to choose the chapter about your favorite social network and get to work improving your presence there.

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