Pillar 7 Of Your Online Success ~ Getting Bought From

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Chapter 7

Pillar 7 of your online success is about getting bought from. Closing deals and making sales. It is fantastic to be known, be technically competent, be liked , be followed , trusted and promoted but how do you put the icing on the cake? If you are for example a technical translation business in Kobe, Japan how do all the retweets and like clicks and recommendations lead to sales to customers?

Right now it is easier than ever before to find the best service or product at the best price. So for a start you have to be offering that to potential clients and customers. Do not despair however as a niche may be very narrow. You may be the best plumber in your suburb of your town for example.

This Pillar will never be completely built until you look in the mirror and say that you in fact deserving of being bought from, donated to, voted for and more. You then need to look in the mirror again and affirm that you are comfortable telling people that. If you do not believe in yourself you are going to be found out.

Life is pretty much a game.We can choose to play or not. I have been learning that there are levels.

I sense that you are not interested in playing at the lowest level!

We all have a genuine chance to grab the remainder of our lives and play at a bigger level. The internet is making this easier and easier for us to do as we can “meet” others and get our ideas and knowledge out in an increasingly more effective way.

Why not aim high? There are a lot of people out there in your “industry” all getting increasingly savvy and connected. To stand above then you are going to have to believe in yourself. Then others will too.

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” ~ Will Smith

People are stepping up to become leaders all over the place. People buy from leaders.

Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Other in-depth definitions of leadership have also emerged.Leadership is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal”. The leader may or may not have any formal authority. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence, among others. Somebody whom people follow: somebody who guides or directs others.

How do you lead people who are physically separated from you and with whom your interactions are basically reduced to written digital communications? Leadership research has been directed almost exclusively to face-to-face and verbal situations.

Any discussion of online leadership needs to also consider the possibility that the digital age can turn non-leaders into leaders. Some managers, whose face-to-face leadership skills are less than satisfactory, may shine online. Their talents may lie in their writing skills and ability to read the messages behind written communiqués. Nothing in the mainstream leadership literature addresses this unique situation.

In addition, online leaders confront unique challenges, the greatest of which appears to be developing and maintaining trust. Identification based trust, for instance is particularly difficult to achieve when there is a lack of intimacy and face-to-face interaction. And online negotiations have also been found to be hindered because parties express lower levels of trust.

I will talk about 5 different levels at which you can play and hopefully you will be intrigued to examine where you are playing and look at how maybe you can step things up.Playing at a high a level as possible is very much part of the 7th Pillar of your online success. It will lead to you getting bought from.

Level 1 is the non-communicative level. Watching TV and reading books etc and not even discussing your ideas and thoughts with anyone.

Level 2 accounts for many people online in that they are satisfied merely to communicate. They have no real purpose about their online activity and I guess the same goes for offline too. They are happy just to keep in contact.Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Each to their own.

Then there are Level 3 people who are prepared to spend time building and maintaining relationships and taking an interest in others.I would say that this accounts for the majority of people on social media.It would seem unlikely though that these people will make money or bring about any great wordly change by their online activities. It takes a little more you see.

Level 4 folk are leaders.

I was wondering about where this 3rd and the 4th level interconnected and got some insight from a great coach Karen Vizer who explained to me the work of Dr David Hawkins who writes about how a shift by just one person to becoming a motivator and leader can lead to 750,000 others being motivated and experiencing increased consciousness and clarity in their lives.

So really a move towards a tipping point where everybody decides they will do something towards making a world of peace, love, sustainability and tolerance need not be so far away. I truly believe that deep down we all seek this.

What excites me is that Dr Hawkins wrote about this 17 years ago and that the internet is accelerating this consciousness and clarity raising. Momentum is clearly gathering and we can easily see it by which groups are becoming popular and what people are discussing.

I also love how Eckhart Tolle talks of a world where everyone will do what they love and when they do there will be no fighting or jealousy as everyone will be fulfilled.Everyone will be “leading”.

Level 5 people are leaders of leaders. Conductors of orchestras of professional musicians all who inspire others themselves. To be a leader of leaders is your ultimate goal.Leaders of leaders are true influencers and “movers and shakers”. They have little doubt about their greatness.

I also want to include a contribution about self love here from a major mentor of mine over several years Hemal Radia. Without Hemal`s teaching I am not sure if Pillar 7 would have even been thought of. I am sure it would not have been given the emphasis that it has been.


“Self-love” is the starting place of your flow and in the adding of value to your life and to others in the most beneficial and profitable ways for all.
Self-love is fundamentally important not just on a personal level but on a professional level also.
If you are not congruent when interacting with others then this will come across verbally, non-verbally and energetically. Even if your prospect is not someone who is vigilant to the mannerisms of others, they will ‘feel’ it in time, whether it be a sense of ease and comfort around you, or a sense of discomfort.
Self-love can be the most natural thing, like air is to our lungs…so why would you not allow it in? Ask yourself what comes up for you when considering that question.

In what ways would you not see yourself as valid, valuable, lovable as anything or anyone else? Notice what comes up in your thoughts as you ask yourself that.
When you are authentic in you being you, that is where you have your greatest effect and contribution to your life and others. That is where you shine your natural divine beauty.
From a place of inherent self-love you tap into the inspiration and ideas to follow through on. You get enthused with the ideas that are most beneficial to you and to others.
“Self-love” is your starting point on way to delivering what you were sent here to share.

So there you go!

The internet now affords you the chance to be bought from, voted for, donated to (if you are a cause) and much much more. Once you are a leader.

The next series of chapters will deal with each of the main social networks and how to specifically apply the 7 Pillars to your success on each of them.There will then be chapters on several different professions including ways in which the pillars can be applied to each of them. Authors, realtors, network marketers, event planners and more.

Action plan!

1. Make a mission statement and tell people about it

2. Begin telling people about your product and service

3. Plan ways in which to create sales funnels

So please go to the second section of the book where you will read about the 7 Pillars of your success in each of the major social networks. I suggest that you start with your favorite first. Here is the directory of contents for the whole book (apart from the tools section). Please enjoy learning more.

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