The 7 Pillars of Success with Dropbox by Dan Schwartz

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If you have a computer, a mobile phone, friends, colleagues and acquaintances or you run a website, then you need Dropbox.  I was first introduced to Dropbox a few years ago, now I can’t live without it.  Small, unassuming it is, no fancy interface nothing new and different, it just sits there and does its thing.  When you need it you have it.  We have way too many gadget programs to learn, be dazzled by, nice to have one that just works.

If you’re not already using Dropbox,  What are you waiting for? Dropbox lets you easily synchronize files between computers, share them with others (including yourself when in a pinch), and create backups. It is so easy to use, it integrates so seamlessly with Windows — and other platforms — that you’re barely even aware that you’re using it. This program is a must-have for anyone who needs to make their files readily available to multiple users or computers.

Once installed, Dropbox appears as an icon in the system tray. It doesn’t have an interface, it is just a folder in My Documents, and it is just like any other folder.  This one is special but it functions just as any other folder. The magic in this folder is that its contents are stored both locally and in the cloud. Any files or folders that you place inside the Dropbox folder can be easily shared: simply right-click, select Dropbox from the context menu, then select Share Link. This will open your default browser and provide you with the opportunity to share the selected file or folder via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or to simply copy its Dropbox URL. The folder contents will also be automatically synced, so anyone who has access to a folder will immediately have the most up-to-date files. You can forget about using USB drives or e-mailing documents to yourself; Dropbox lets you keep everything you need in My Documents on multiple computers, or simply log into the Web interface if you’re not on a machine that has Dropbox installed. Dropbox requires users to create an account; the service provides users with 2 GB of space for free, but if you need more you can upgrade and pay for it.  If you refer some friends you can also get some extra storage for free too.  It is pretty idiot proof, but if you ever did get stuck there is an online Help center as well as brief text instructions within the Dropbox folder to assist you if you ever get stuck.

Dropbox is incredibly easy to use and will change the way you store and share files.

I have been using Dropbox for over three years now to sync files between my laptop and my main desktop and I have to say that the beauty of Dropbox is how simple it is. Install it on the computers you want to sync files with and simply drag and drop the files and folders you want to sync between computers.

After you download and install Dropbox on your computer you can create an account. To sync files between another computer simply download and install the appropriate version of Dropbox for that computer or device. For example I sync my pictures automatically between my iphone and my dropbox.  Comes in handy to protect myself against loosing precious photos, and the best part is I don’t do anything other than turn on dropbox in my phone, make sure I am on wifi and it does its thing.  I also use Dropbox to hold all my website backups, have a nifty wordpress plugin that backs up my sites and deposits them in the Dropbox.

Dropbox also makes it easy to allow public access to whatever files you choose to make available.  In your Dropbox folder is a subfolder called Public. Any folder or file inside of the Public folder is exactly that, public and accessible to the world. Have a large document you need to send to a client or coworker? Just put it in the Public folder, copy the public link and have them download the document. This way you can limit the access to what is contained in your Dropbox, you don’t need to give everyone access to everything and makes it easy for anyone to see these public files.

You can also share folders and files with people by creating a shared folder and inviting them to collaborate with you on the contents. This feature makes Dropbox perfect for businesses allowing employees, partners and contractors to work on the same documents from where ever they may be located.

If you are like me and find you email files to yourself on a regular basis, carry a flash drive with you everywhere, like to share your photos and want to have access to your most important files from anywhere then Dropbox is the answer for you!  Once you install it and start to really use it you will wonder how did you ever live without it?  Kind of like a mobile phone, what did we used to without them?

So to summarize:

  1. Dropbox is very simple to install.
  2. Very simple to use
  3. Very convenient
  4. Not obtrusive
  5. FREE
  6. Works on multiple platforms
  7. Automatically sync your iphone or android
  8. Backup your websites
  9. Collaborate with Friends, Associates, Partners, Contractors
  10. Share your files and photos!
  11. FREE
  12. Go Get it Now!

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