What Are Your Top 5 Twitter Time Savers?

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This was a question asked in a recent #ToolsChat that I co-host on Wednesday nights at 10 pm 7pm Eastern with Leo Widrich and Kelly Kim. The answers were amazing and brought to light a few fantastic tools. These are not necessarily my favourites and that will be a subject of a future post but these were the popular choices. They are all good in their way. Especially if time is a major issue and especially if you are just getting started.

So these were the most popular answers to the question:

Which tools save you the most time on Twitter?

A few tools were mentioned, that were already reviewed in a different post, so it’s well worth checking out these apps to grow your Twitter network.


1.) Buffer – Tweet more intelligently

I used to tweet a few of the great articles I found right then, but that put most of it to waste and flooded my stream. By Buffering the article with just one click, they are posted to my Twitter stream at a better time during the day and well spaced out.

Top time saving: Using the Buffer browser extension, you can Buffer any article you are reading. It works on to Buffer retweets and even inside Google Reader.


2.) – Create Twitter lists more easily

“Being on Twitter without creating lists, is like building your Twitter presence in sand.”

I would make 2-3 twitter lists only with this tool but it sure is interesting. There are all sorts of options and you can find who is talking to your followers. Formulists is a great time saver, and allows you to automatically generate lists around certain terms that you have submitted to it beforehand. For example, you can let the App add everyone to a list that is retweeting you. Or someone that has mentioned you recently. The great part is that the App automatically updates your lists as more retweets or mentions happen.

Top time saving tip: Of course you can load those lists to your HootSuite or TweetDeck column, to make Formulists slot more easily into your workflow.


3.) Manageflitter – See through the clutter again

Another App that was mentioned a few times, was ManageFlitter and I think it is well worth taking a closer look. The App lets you unfollow others within just a few seconds. The great part is that it pre-filters and suggests whom you might want to unfollow. This can be people that have stopped using Twitter, are not following you back or are simply Tweeting too often and are cluttering your stream.

Top timesaving tip: If you click on “expand view”, whilst you are signed in, you can unfollow 100 people with just one click.


4.) Tweetreports – Very advanced Twitter search

Tweetreports was mentioned too by some community members and it really is a great way to keep track of all the things you want to monitor on Twitter. The App lets you search for any term and gives you awesome results, including sentiment analysis. You can easily extract the data and use it elsewhere too. However, this is just the start. TweetReports is a fully fledged analytics dashboard for Twitter, with many more insights.

Top timesaving tip: Especially for running a Twitterchat TweetReports is very helpful, as you can learn about number of participants, tweets and links posted.


5.) Lazyshoutout – Making #FF shout the easy way

This is only good if you are just getting started on Twitter but it will help you get established. You HAVE to promote others to get them talking to and retweeting you. The last tool that was mentioned as a big time saver was LazyShoutOut. It helps you to keep in touch with a larger crowd of people, by simply adding them to a #ff list, so you don’t have to add them individually to a Tweet. One thing I would like to mention is that overusing the #ff shouts can easily turn some followers away.

Top timesaving tip: You can also save #ff shouts, to make engaging with a larger audience even easier.


These were the top 5 tools mentioned from #ToolsChat.

Do you think they can save you some time on Twitter too?


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