To know #SM but not yet do is to not yet truly know. Building habits.

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Most of you reading this are interested in improving your online presence without spending any more time each week. You have a basic idea of what you should be doing but for some reason it is all not coming together as well as it might be?

I was lucky enough (or inspired enough) to join and participate in a daily 3 month social media course over 4 years ago. Several hundred of us learned how to blog, how to search, how to get found and how to use a wide range of tools and networks. I gained a rough and ready appreciation of how the whole thing came together and built a basic presence in around 15 networks. Some are still thriving!

The knowledge that I gained was not however the biggest benefit. Neither was the networking although some of the people that went through the course are still close friends and collaborators today.

What was vital for me and what has served me so well is that I established habits. I do not think I could have done that in just 2 or 3 weeks. It quickly became clear to me that people are more likely to communicate with people who are around as they then have a reasonable expectation that there is hope of a reply or engagement. A regular schedule of activity is also key to building engagement for your brand. There is also the factor of trying new tools and strategies rather than just keeping with what you are doing now. There are always new and improved ways of producing more time in the online day.

Facebook has the biggest necessity to be regular. The edgerank system means that you are only as good as your past 7 days and if you go away for 2 or 3 of those 7 your chances of getting your posts seen decrease significantly. Unless you are some kind of celebrity who has people awaiting your every post with baited breath. I was tempted to call the 7 Pillars Book the 7 Habits of an Effective Online Presence. Stephen Covey taught us habits. Actions which become ingrained. I have that now and I cannot imagine how i would have got it without this course. I know that it is necessary to continually up skill. To learn a new collaborative or time saving tool. Today my focus is on Sprout Social and tomorrow it will be Social Bro. This weekend I plan to master Evernote and I have a basic working knowledge of all these tools but am not using them. To know and not yet do is to not yet truly know.

The 7 Pillars Book is being added to every day and by the end of July will contain sufficient information to help you have a much improved presence online. The book will be launched in a full form halfway through this course on September 1.

The various contributors of content to the book (around 15 people) are teaming up to take you through 60 days of online presence building. This will serve you incredibly well for the rest of your life. Just as what i did 4 years ago has served me. The teachers will be people who live and breathe these various networks and tools. There is very little that they will not be able to answer. The course is aimed at intermediate level participants.


You probably have at least a Facebook and a Linked In account and maybe Twitter, Google+ or another place too. You want to promote a business or a cause online. You want a better online presence.

We will give you that by building the 7 Pillars of your online success. For a quick explanation of why these pillars are so important please watch this slideshare video with a minute or less on each of the pillars.


During the first week we will nail down what or who exactly you want to be seen as. We will also get you set up on all the most important networks with a common bio and a basic content calendar that you feel you can stick to. For some this may be just one post a day and that is fine. If you wish we will help you start a blog and maybe a You Tube channel.

In Week 2 we will address Pillar 2 and learn some basic tools which will save you time and increase your networks. Week 3 will focus on content production. Blogging, some photography and video skills and more. Even if these are not your thing we will also teach you some curation skills. Week 4 will be a socializing strategy for each of the main networks including some more advanced strategies for your favorite one. Weeks 5 will involve learning and getting involved in some collaborative communities. Weeks 7 and 8 will be review. Going back to what we did from week 2 onwards and nurturing the pillars we have established. The last few days will involve a further review and a full assessment of where you have go to.

There will be regular task setting and ample opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the various experts.There will be no real compulsion to take huge amounts of time on the course each day. What you put in will be what you get out I guess. You are guaranteed heavily increased connections right across social media and being able to do a huge amount more with the time that you spend online every day.

A course like this might cost at least $1000 but this one will not. Right now we are building a landing page and affiliate program and for a very short time the course will be only $297. It will then rise in the next week or so to $497. There will be a maximum of 200 people on the course and there will be a full money back guarantee available during the first month. Some very clever and successful social media marketers will teach you all that they know. This is a unique opportunity and will never be offered at a price like this again. Those who join now will be able to get started learning right away as we will begin regular webinars from now.

Please ask any questions below.

You can make payment for the course at

Payments will not be “accepted” before 15 September so you will be able to claim a refund until that time.

I really hope that you will take this opportunity to be part of this.


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