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Had a great conversation with Steven Hughes today and discussions with Anise Smith last weekend and we are very much positive and excited about Triberr.

Firstly and most importantly thank you so much to all of you who have read or shared my posts, stumbled them and commented on them. My blogging has been a massive success in the past few months and you have played a large part in this.

A blog brands you in your niche. It is where you give value and where you impress people with your knowledge. People then share it, which brings you and your content to the attention of their friends. People also subscibe to you which gives you the ability to find out who your biggest fans are and email them. This time 7 months ago I had no blog but I can definetely say I am a big convert to blogging. News, views and analysis.

Instead of telling you what you should do here are some things I do….

1. I go to Tribber at around 5 pm nearly every day and at least every 2 days and click share on the posts I want to share.
I decide this by whether they are in my niche and whether the author is supportive of me.This takes a maximum of 5 minutes and there are usually around 30-40 posts.

2. Sometimes for some people I will share the post in several places including Stumble Upon and via Scoopit on several social sites including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Tumblr and Linked In. This takes around 3 minutes per post.

3. I go through all my Tribes and look at the most recent conversation once or twice a week. So all in all I spend around an hour a week on Triberr.

4. I promote and support both Triberr and Dino and Dan who made and run it whenever I can. I also tend to support, promote and connect the people who regularly tweet my posts.

5. I keep up with changes to Triberr and to social media sharing and curation in general.

6. When I blog I stick to my niche. I avoid negative opinions and/or criticism and I share everything I know for free.

In return for doing that for the last few months I have had my blog posts tweeted around 10,000 times from people in my tribes. This has lead to around 100,000 direct visits and around 3 times as many as that from “secondary sharing”. In total about 100 blog posts read 3,000 times each.

I have also made and built relationships with some fantastic bloggers which has led to exciting collaborations.

What is not to like?

So right now around 10 of the 40 or so people in our Positively Social tribe are what Steven and I class as “highly active”. Another 5-10 are active. The rest are sporadic “bloggers and sharers”. Especially since Triberr removed the automatic tweeting feature. We may cut out a few in a fortnight or so to make room for new people. If the thing is not for you then please just go in and remove yourself.

I hope you do not and I hope you step up your blogging and tweeting in 2012. By ourselves we can do little.Together we can do so much!

If you are reading this and blog regularly in a positive manner about social media or technology then I am very interested in talking to you. Skype me at michaeltoddshoot72.

If you are impressed with the way I have built my blog from scratch to this 3-4,000 visitor a day level in 7 months and how I have built this tribe of bloggers then please consider sharing this post as soe of your friends may blog.


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