Why Vine (love it) is a combo of 4 massive trends. Will feature on #toolschat this week

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Vine is a new Twitter App that allows you to create and post 6 second videos that repeat. You can roll say 20 videos into the 6 seconds too if you wish. I have a feeling that it is going to be huge. I am kind of addicted.

Vine is a combination of 4 massive trends.

Mobile, video and increasingly short attention spans and also the growing realisation that we now are the media.

For those of you who do not live in Japan let me promise you that social media IS mobile. Coming to you soon. The possibilities of what you can show in a vine are endless. Fashion, food, political messages. A whole new genre.

Most people stop watch watching You Tube videos in the first few seconds because they get bored. Your vine will be watched to the end! Then the message automatically repeats till the viewer scrolls to the next video.

Here are 2 of my first vines. They will not repeat in here. For that you need to be in Vine on iOS.However you get the idea.

So it is fun. And growing like crazy. I am getting hundreds of followers.

It makes you feel good!It allows people who may not be familiar with video production at all to play director. As it allows you shoot multiple video clips and edit them together (very short clips of course to fit in 6 seconds). Just as Instagram makes us all think we are amazing photographers, Vine makes think we have director skills.

You can tag your vine posts with 12 different areas and they will appear there.Vines go straight into Twitter and Facebook and on Twitter they retain the hashtag you insert.

Tag sections now are #nyc #loop #magic #pets (bound to be super popular) #travel #sports #food (super super popular) #nature #howto #2013 #fashion and #firstpost

vine pages

Obviously there will be a myriad of apps spring up to make Vine even more fun.

We will be feauturing it on #toolschat this week at 7pm Pacific. Strategies, possibilities and more.

Show us your vines! Put links in the comments? Get followed! Right now there are no following limits. The advantages of being an early adaptor in a new social networking community are of course huge. Follow as many as you can manage I would say.



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