How the new @WebToolsWiki works and what is there for you #online #tools #wiki


Some friends and I have been putting this Web Tools Wiki together over the past few months we have over 1100 pages in construction and being daily updated. There are so many tools available now that will make you more efficient in work and play. Tools develop fast and many come and go. We will keep track of them for you and will also have regular newsletters.

We aim to become the go to place for information about how to use the internet. Yeah a big goal but as a growing team of editors and contributors we believe anything is possible. Our first app is coming soon and I will update you in the next week or so how to access that to get tips on tools on the run.

We are very much is start mode and would love any feedback you have. We believe that there is something for everyone here. From great grandmas who want to Skype their new born great grandchildren but cannot work out Skype right to web designers wanting to make cutting edge animated infographics and need the latest updates and tips about GoActivate.


here is a brief video about how you can use one of our pages to get information about a tool and to then interact with other users of the Web Tools Wiki.

Thank you so much for checking it out


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