5 things that combine to make Wenyard a no brainer as an online stock market game

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Wenyard presents as the perfect online game. I love the “game” of investing and I love the social aspect. It is like I have been waiting my whole life for this. I really hope that you come and join in the fun and also in what will be a massive learning experience. As many of you will know I am one the top handful of players on Empire Avenue. I aim to succeed on Weynard as well. The difference is that Weynard gives us a chance to team up and looks way more intellectually interesting.

Wenyard knocks out anything previously seen.
1.Payouts in real time.
2.Attracting great internet marketing leaders I am networking with already and who I did not previously know.
3. Simplicity that allows new members to get on track fast and also team support. The most generous bonuses, prizes and promotions.
4. Business available at home, at work, in the car, on the train via the mobile app.
5. Online platforms with first class, real time software.

Very exciting!


There will be virtual companies you can invest in and virtual land you can buy and sell plus you can invest in the portfolios of other players. This makes the game highly social. It all starts in late January 2014. You should however get involved right now as there is a window of opportunity to begin enrolling new players and earn virtual currency which will eventually be able to be transformed into real cash.

For some of you this will be a no brainer and for some this will be a leap of faith. Whichever that is the time to do it is now. Online gaming is growing but there has never been anything like this. In just a few weeks since the gates opened over 50,000 people have already joined. I was lucky enough to spend an hour today talking to a woman who has been building a team hard out for a few days. She is massively excited as am I.

This link will take you to the Wenyard site where they will teach you all that you need to know. If you ar ever asked for a code simply use the code michaelqtodd to join my team. My other team members and I will then begin training you.

Please feel very free to ask any questions either here or by calling me on Google at michaelqtodd.

Online social games are a multi billion dollar industry. Now you can be part of that? And have fun and learn a lot? Like I said at the start I have been waiting my life for this.




Go here to join Wenyard


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